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Volume 1 • Issue 7

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Planning seems to have much better taste

New technologies are hard to resist, especially in an industry that constantly talks about energy efficiency, design, innovation, and sustainable development. But sometimes circumstances dictate the delay of a project and you wonder if it is better to retrofit or relight. We talk about that in this issue and also about a project that was delayed — to the customer’s advantage. Here again, we see creativity not only in design, but also in the solutions proposed. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Lighting Design & Specification

Changing Scene

Cordelia Recall Cordelia Lighting to Replace Labels on Dual Light Emergency Fixtures
Ontario's Electrical Safety Authority has announced a voluntary corrective action program for Cordelia Lighting's Dual Light Emergency Fixture/ Model HB9013P…
IMAX Theartre Edmonton's IMAX Theatre Uses LEDs to Mimic Northern Lights
The theatre added LED lighting to lower electricity costs, but the overall effect is much greater…
Osram Recall Osram Sylvania Recalls T8 LED Tubes Due to Burn Hazard
Osram Sylvania has issued a voluntary recall for SubstiTUBE IS T8 LED lamps, model numbers 73312-1 and 73315-1 only...

Peers & Profiles

Paul Mercier: Integrating Creativity Within the Science of Illumination

P&P Mercier As the principal and founder of Lighting Design Innovations, with offices in Calgary, AB and Batavia, NY, Paul Mercier's passion for lighting clearly shines. He is also a recent textbook author, holds various industry association memberships and certifications, serves as an adjunct teacher in the U.S. and Canada, and has significant IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) involvement... Read More

LED Technology

Money Matters — Retrofit or Relight

By Chris Bailey
Retrofit or Relight The retrofit and relight business is in full swing today. A variety of new LED replacement luminaires, retrofit/conversion kits and lamps are available from a variety of manufacturers…. Read More

Street Lighting

Street Lighting Case Studies

LED Street Lighting Quebec. Paris. Beijing. Oslo. Jakarta. Dublin. Cities worldwide share an imperative to improve the efficiency, costs, and operations of their streetlights. It's estimated that up to 40% of city energy budgets are spent on outdoor lighting, and that a single street light can emit 200 kg of CO 2 each year... Read More

LED Technology

IIoT Talks: Navigant's Noah Goldstein and Lighting as a Service, Part 1

Noah Goldstein Noah Goldstein, a research director at Navigant Research, talks with Echelon about some drivers for LED lighting, the emergence of lighting as a service, and the prospects for Internet of Things (IoT) convergence. "Lighting is rapidly changing into the services that lighting provides as opposed to simply just selling light bulbs," says Goldstein. "You could say that the illumination function of lighting is becoming separate from, or just one aspect of, the overall service function of lighting…" Read More


Industrial Relighting Project Saves BWXT Canada Ltd. $245,000 Annually

BWXT Arcadian BWXT Canada Ltd., an international provider of energy products, is no stranger to facility upgrades that increase their efficiencies and decrease their operational costs… Read More

Business Profile


Lightform Richard Assaly founded LightForm in 1987, bringing a select few, well made and well designed lighting brands to Edmonton, AB. Raised in a family of interior designers, architects and builders, he understood that lighting reflects the contemporary spaces it occupies but also defines them. This led him to seek out partnerships with lighting manufacturers who led the industry in craftsmanship as well as innovation in design. More than 20 years later, LightForm is a leading national lighting supplier of architectural, outdoor and decorative lighting with four offices and flagship showrooms across Canada. Read More


A New Design for a Flexible, Wearable White-Light LED

Flexible LED Lights By taking advantage of novel design patterns, researchers from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan have developed a highly flexible white light LED that uses cheap, readily accessible components… Read More

New Products & Solutions

Standard LED Vapor

Standard LED Vapor Tight Luminaires

Standard's new series of LED Vapor Tight Luminaires are completely sealed with a uniform gasket and re-enforced snap clips. This luminaire is protected against the entry of dust and jets of water projected from any direction. Its durable construction also provides protection from harsh environmental conditions and corrosion and is unaffected by extreme temperatures.
Osram Sylvania

Osram Sylvania Wireless Area Lighting Controller for Encelium Energy Management System

Osram Sylvania is expanding the capabilities of the Encelium Energy Management System (EMS) with the new wireless area lighting controller (WALC), which allows a group of lighting devices to communicate via a wireless mesh network based on ZigBee standards.
Columbia LED

Columbia Lighting Recessed Architectural LED

Columbia Lighting has added a 1X4 recessed architectural LED to its RLA family. The luminaire has four LED colour choices, four lumen packages per size, and multiple driver options. Additional features include...
Crestron PhotoSensor

Creston Battery-Powered Photosensor with infiNET EX, Dual-Loop

The GLS-LDL-EX-BATT is a battery-powered, wireless, dual-loop photosensor designed to provide superior natural light sensing and indoor light control in daylight harvesting applications.

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