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Volume 1 • Issue 9

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Encounters among art, technology and science

The arrival of digital technology was an important reconciliation of art and science. Engineers have become artists and artists are using technology to express their creativity. Lighting has certainly become the discipline that unites art, science and technology. These three worlds coexist, influence each other, and share in extending our knowledge. Several articles in this issue talk about the convergence of these three aspects of lighting. Good reading!

Line Goyette,Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Lighting Distribution EFC Lighting Distribution Subcommittee Update
Electro-Federation Canada's newly formed Lighting Distribution Subcommittee held its first meeting at EFC offices on September 10.
Grand Prix Design Submit Your Projects for a Grand Prix du Design Award
Designers and architects from Quebec, the time has come to submit your projects for the Grands Prix du Design's 9th edition.
Clean 50 Celebrating Canada's Clean50 Honouree for Lighting
Among this year's Clean Tech honourees was C. Wade Sheen, CEO, Cooledge Lighting, Richmond, BC.


A Qualitative Policy of Urban Lighting in the Master Plan: Roadway Lighting — Tonality, Public Health and Light Pollution

By Gilles Arpin
Urban Road Lighting In years to come urban lighting will transform itself and thereby transform our relationship to nightlife. The transition of roadway lighting from yellow high pressure sodium to white LED is no longer in doubt. This leaves us with what tonality to use so that we can achieve our lighting goals without compromising public health or creating light pollution... Read More

Best Practices

Three Ways to Communicate Lighting Design

By JP Bedell
Light Design Concepts Lighting is wholly different from any other design element of an architectural project. Lighting is an essential element of any project, but quantifying how much a space needs, how it should look and feel and how a given design will accomplish those goals requires a special ability to communicate. Here are three ways to help you communicate your concepts to clients and colleagues. Read More

Project Design

Gibson Square Condos and Rose Garden

Salex Gibson Square is part of a new condominium development in Toronto, consisting of two condominium towers with retail uses at grade. Salex, a lighting and control manufacturing representative for the design and architecture communities, was responsible for most the condominiums' exterior lighting, worked closely with NAK Design Group to select the fixtures and placement. Gibson Square's exterior is predominantly illuminated by fixtures from Greenlee, an LSI Industries brand. Additionally, Selux's Saturn LED post-top fixtures are prominently featured around the two condominium towers… Read More


Lighting McGill University's New Faculty of Dentistry

McGill Dentistry Lighting for the new Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University in Montreal holds a leading role in the architectural concept for the project. The concept was conceived by DFS Inc. and developed and completed by NFOE, which also prepared the construction documents and provided the building owner — Cominar — with architectural services during the construction. The lighting was staged by the architects in collaboration with LumiGroup. The ground floor front entrance, for both students and patients, opens to a grand black reception desk, contrasting with the glass wall in the background and its integrated diffuse lighting… Read More

Peers & Profiles

David Beron — A Resolutely Scientific Spirit in a World that May Not Be Moving Fast Enough

By Line Goyette
David Beron David Beron is a professional engineer, holder of a MBA, and Vice President of RAB Design Lighting Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of lighting products with about 50 employees — men and women from six continents. David likes to explore opportunities in the context of a smaller company. "It allows us to go in the direction we want to without significant administrative or technical obstacles. In a small company, you have an idea and jump on it before the competition even hears about it." An excellent approach, since the company won the 2015 MCEE Award in the "Exterior Lighting" category for its DVAKS LED 14W energy efficient vapourproof fixture... Read More

LED Technology

IIoT Talks: Navigant's Noah Goldstein and Lighting as a Service, Part 2

Smart Lighting Cities Noah Goldstein, a research director at Navigant Research, talks with Echalon about some drivers for LED lighting, the emergence of lighting as a service, and the prospects for Internet of Things (IoT) convergence. "Lighting is becoming a platform for other applications, such as security," says Goldstein. "It's creating an opportunity to provide services to the people in buildings that we couldn't even dream of 30 years ago… It's a parallel thrust to the IoT, but different." Read More

Lighting Controls

Unlocking the Value of Energy and Operational Data

LED Lighting for Business As energy costs become a rising concern for a growing number of companies, and as energy systems have become more intelligent, investments in energy efficiency projects have seen heightened activity. "One of the key benefits of a switch to LED lighting lies in its lower total cost of ownership," says Jim McHale, managing director of Memoori, an independent market research company focusing on smart building technology. But there is a benefit that goes beyond immediate energy savings, and it lies in the data-gathering opportunities that can bring even more long-term value to the upgrade. Read More


The Subconscious Effect of Coloured Lighting

By Jordan Sullivan
Coloured Lighting Colour is frequently used in the lighting industry to bring a bright, vibrant feel to an environment. Sports games, holidays, and raising awareness for a cause are just a few examples of where colour comes into play with lighting. But did you know that each colour carries meaning and has a subconscious effect on our everyday life? Now that the lighting industry is beginning to understand these effects, coloured light is helping people all over the world. Read More

New Products & Solutions

WattStopper NextGen Sensors

WattStopper Next Gen Outdoor Sensors: New Product and New Capability

WattStopper has launched a new product and new capabilities for its FSP-200 series sensors. Ideal for areas such as parking facilities, gas stations, pedestrian pathways, and warehouses, these next generation sensors maximize safety and security, and simplify compliance with the latest ASHRAE 90.1 (2010)/IECC (2012) and California Title 24 (2013) garage and outdoor lighting control requirements.
Cree Downlight Portfolio

Cree Expands LED Downlight Portfolio to Deliver Superior Performance and Value

Cree introduces new KR8™ and LR6™ LED downlights, designed to deliver better lighting performance and better value for new and existing commercial spaces. The new KR8 downlight expands the KR Series by adding Cree's first eight-inch downlight, and features Cree WaveMax™ Technology and Cree TrueWhite® Technology
Osram LED Portfolio

Osram Expands Its LED Lamp Portfolio

New LED lamps in a glow filament design as well as a replacement for halogen reflector lamps being phased out from 2016 are now available for the 2015/2016 lighting season.
For the current lighting season, Osram is launching a lamp type featuring state-of-the-art technology that looks almost identical to classic carbon filament lamps-"LED filament" is the name of the new technology where tiny LEDs are interlinked and surrounded by a glass bulb, as were incandescent filaments in previous years.

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