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Volume 1 • Issue 13

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Lighting to express our feelings and emphasize the celebration, without disappearing from view

Light pollution is at its best, so to speak, with holiday decorations, and in this issue you will learn a bit more about the consequences of accidental lighting that ultimately distracts us from the holiday celebrations. December is for those of us who live in the world of lighting. Indeed, on December 8, 1852, the first festival of lights took place in Lyon, France. The festival has played an important role in the development of lighting as a universally recognized artistic discipline. Closer to home, December reminds us of the brutal death of 14 young women at the École Polytechnique de Montréal 26 years ago, and 14 beams of light temporarily illuminating the sky mark their too brief existence. A moment of light that is strong but ephemeral, reminding us of the interrupted lives of these young women. Gilles Arpin tells us that the value of celebration is in its brevity. An adage that could be applied to many holiday lights. Also in this issue, to highlight in our own way the memory of young women too soon gone, the course one young woman's career has taken in the lighting industry. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Philips Cisco Alliance Philips and Cisco Form Global Strategic Alliance to Address CDN$1.5 Billion Office Lighting Market
A global strategic alliance between industry giants Philips and Cisco brings together Philips' LED based connected lighting system with Cisco's IT network to address a global office market estimated to be worth CDN$1.5 billion…
Sistine Chapel LED Lighting Osram Wins Award for its Sistine Chapel LED Lighting Solution
Osram has earned the "Global SSL Showcase Top 100" award of the International SSL Alliance (ISA) for its innovative LED solution installed in the Sistine Chapel…
Sistine Chapel LED Lighting RAB Design Lighting Issues EFC Scholarship Award of Excellence to Camosun College Student Nolan Meske
The fourth year student of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology "is a bright young man, very committed and driven," says Doug Redhead, VP-Finance of RAB Design Lighting...


A Qualitative Policy of Urban Lighting in the Master Plan: Light as Celebration and Commemoration

By Gilles Arpin
Urban Lighting Master Plan The winter solstice has been an occasion for celebration in many civilizations since antiquity. This astronomical phenomenon derives its importance from its place in the seasonal solar cycle. Originally a celebration of light for agrarian societies, it was subsequently exploited by religions and stained by cultural considerations. Today despite a few religious reminiscences the event has become an end of year celebration for Homo festivus or a festive reaction to winter depression. So, as the holidays approach we throw ourselves into Christmas lighting, giving free rein to all kinds of personal and professional expression... Read More

Urban Lighting

LED Light Pollution: Can We Save Energy and Save the Night?

By Mark Crawford
Light Pollution Nighttime light pollution, or sky glow, continues to expand at about 6% annually, especially in industrialized regions. This rapid advance has also been documented from outer space. A big contributor to sky glow is the trend away from high-pressure "yellow" sodium lamps and toward broad-spectrum, energy-efficient, blue-white LEDs for outdoor lighting. "The steady global conversion to white LED lighting, especially for streets, is the biggest problem we have confronted," says John Barentine, project manager for the International Dark-Sky Association. Solving LED light pollution isn't so much a technical issue as a social one. Considerations by cities should include… Read More

Lighting Controls

White-Tunable LED Lighting

By Craig DiLouie
Tunable White LED LED lighting can generate virtually any perceivable colour as well as any shade of white light, all digitally controlled and selectable. Colour output can be adjusted by mixing colour LEDs, mixing white-light LEDs of different colour temperatures, or a combination of the two. The key to achieving these effects is dimming... Read More

Peers & Portraits

Cynthia Renaud — the journey of a determined lighting specialist

By Laurence Rocher-Brasssard
Cynthia Renaud On the other end of the phone one recent Monday morning, Cynthia Renaud — formerly a student of policing techniques but now a lighting specialist — tells me with pleasure about her unusual journey. It begins at age 25, when with the help of a friend she gets a job with a lighting distributor. During her years there, she takes lighting courses. Her performance comes to the attention of a headhunter, who offers her a position as a travelling sales rep for another distributor. A few years later, she moves into a similar position at Standard, the lighting manufacturer. She has now held this position for eight years... Read More

Lighting Retrofit

West Edmonton Mall Reduces Parking Lot Lighting Costs by 70%

West Edmonton Mall At just under 6 million square feet, West Edmonton Mall is the size of a small city. It's home to more than 800 stores and services, including 10 world-class attractions, two hotels, and over 100 dining venues. The mall receives almost 31 million visitors annually, making it the province's number-one tourist attraction. Over the years, the mall has introduced a series of lighting retrofits. Most recently, the 20,000-vehicle parking lot, which has reduced the lot's lighting costs by more than 70%... Read More

Lighting Upgrade

Glenwood Valley Farms

Greenwood Valley Farms For British Columbia's greenhouse growers, lower winter light levels have traditionally curtailed the production of commercial greenhouse vegetables. But for Glenwood Valley Farms, "Installing energy-efficient supplemental lighting in our greenhouse has not only resulted in electricity savings worth $130,000 a year, but has also substantially increased productivity during winter months," says Manager Herb Schlacht... Read More


Circadian Rhythm More Sensitive to Lighting Colour Cues

Circadian Clock Mammals Research by scientists at The University of Manchester has revealed that the colour of light has a major impact on how our body clock measures the time of day. Dr. Timothy Brown from the Faculty of Life Sciences led the research. He posits that "in theory colour could be used to manipulate our clock, which could be useful for shift workers or travellers wanting to minimize jet lag." Taking the theory further, using light to adjust our circadian rhythm could offer enormous potential for optimizing personal productivity and well-being... Read More

New Products & Solutions

Legrand Transceivers

Legrand Adds Almost 50 New Networking Transceivers to Its Networking Product Line

The Q-Series transceiver offering from Legrand operates in wide ranges of equipment from popular manufacturers such as Arista, Brocade, Cisco, Finisar, HP, Juniper, and more. The offering is competitively priced, TAA compliant, and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications...
Phillips Warm Glow LED

Philips LED Lamps with Warm Glow Effect

Create a relaxing ambiance using Philips LED lamps with warm glow effect. Cutting-edge technology reduces the lamp's colour temperature to a warm glow when dimmed. The A19 and G25 feature a new omnidirectional prism that creates the look and feel of a filament...
Echelon Lumewave

Echelon Announces New Control Solutions for Large Installations

Echelon Corporation's new intelligent outdoor lighting products offer greater options for complex and large installations, such as municipalities, shopping malls, auto dealerships, and campuses. These new intelligent outdoor lighting solutions include the hybrid RF+Powerline Gateway...

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