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Volume 2 • Issue 11

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette LED technology does not evolve in isolation

Discussing LED technology also means discussing its electronic components. This is no longer a simple story of bulbs. It's a revolution. In this issue we invite you to explore the impact of this new mode of lighting, not just on the market but also on the design of urban, architectural, and interior lighting. François-Xavier Souvay tells us that the future of lighting is linked to scientific developments. We present an example in this issue. Good reading, and follow us on Twitter @LDSnewsletter.

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Lumigroup Studio Luminaires LumiGroup Opens New Showroom Boutique: Le Studio Luminaires
LumiGroup, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has opened a new showroom, specifically for the public, in the heart of Montreal's Mile End...
Saco SACO Earns Architectural Luminaire-Exterior Award at U.K. 2016 Lighting Design Awards
Last month Montreal-based SACO was declared the winner in the Lighting Design Awards 2016 category Architectural Luminaire — Exterior for its Shockwave ALFA fixture…
Wattstopper FOR-TREM to Represent Legrand Wattstopper
Legrand Canada has appointed FOR-TREM Inc. as Wattstopper's new sales representative for Eastern Quebec running northeast of Trois Rivières Victoriaville...

Peers & Profiles

Lumenpulse's François-Xavier Souvay — Entrepreneur of the Year and Much More

By Line Goyette
Francois Xavier Souvay François-Xavier Souvay, founding president of lighting firm Lumenpulse, is a busy man. He flies from success to success, making new acquisitions, accumulating prestigious awards and patents, and yet keeping himself readily available to share his passion for lighting. I begin by asking what motivates him. "Building a strong brand that can survive and has meaning. My greatest pride is to see our products solve challenges in a masterly way, and to see employees take ownership of these projects." The Montreal-based company he founded in 2006 with 5 employees now has 600 on three continents. Read More

LED Best Practices

LED Growth Exploding

By David Gordon
5 Year LED Sales Our friend Bill Attardi at Energy Watch shared interesting data he obtained regarding the exploding growth of the LED market… the growth is startling and has major ramifications relating to the LED market. So, what does this tells us and what questions should distributors be asking themselves? Here is his five-year chart of LED luminaire sales… Read More

Underwater Lighting

Light Up Your Cruising Nights

By Andy Adams
Underwater Lighting Informed estimates are that barely 10% of Canadian pleasure craft have underwater lighting but in Florida it's a far higher percentage. And, among new luxury cruisers in Florida, the number equipped with underwater lighting is probably more like 90%. Walk the docks at night and what used to be dark and maybe even a bit dangerous is now a remarkable display of light that transforms those dark harbour waters into something like a luxury hotel swimming pool. The question is; will this work in Canada? And, is it affordable? Read More


Ambiances Design Productions' Kaleidoscope Transforms Buffalo's Canalside Grain Elevators

Ambiances Design Productions For more than a century massive grain elevators have dominated the canal side of New York State's second largest city. Today, these structures have taken on a new and vibrant life that celebrates Buffalos rich industrial tradition as well as its bright future, thanks to Kaleidoscope, a dynamic lighting art project by Montreal-based Ambiances Design Productions and Foit-Albert Associates. A 360-degree kinetic installation, Kaleidoscope employs 554 LED lamps to interpret the seasons as seen through the lens of a kaleidoscope... Read More

Smart Lighting Case Study

Halifax Introduces Smart LED Street Lights

Halifax LED StreetLights Nova Scotia's capital city is in the process of converting and connecting 43,000 LED street lights. The goal: to help improve public safety, increase energy conservation, control costs, and establish a smart city platform for the future. Silver Spring Networks, Inc., selected to deliver the intelligent LED street lights network, will be deploying its award-winning smart street lights solution, including its Streetlight.Vision control software, to network 43,000 LED luminaires provided by LED Roadway Lighting Ltd., a Halifax-based company that designs and manufactures smart lighting systems... Read More


Can LEDs Help Grow Food in Canada's North?

Science LEDS Food LED-based technology originally conceived to help feed astronauts in space may help grow fresh fruits and vegetables in Canada's north, according to a recent Toronto Star article by Amy Pataki. A sealed, stainless steel cube the size of a baker's rack, with shelving and a glass roof through which LEDs shine would allow 24-hour growth 12 months a year in a region where high energy costs and virtually no sun for months on end limit the use of greenhouses. For the Northern Farm Training Institute in Hay River, NWT, Norwegian lighting firm Intravision is customizing the spectrum for optimal photosynthesis... Read More


LEDs vs. the Zika Virus

Zika Virus and LED Could LEDs be the solution to controlling the Zika virus? Lighting Science Group thinks so. It's already testing LED-based bug traps with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's entomology lab. Since different insects are attracted to different light wavelengths, the big question facing Lighting Science is which wavelength would most appeal to the Aedes aegypti mosquito that has been linked to Zika. Lighting Science has already applied its LED expertise to other health-oriented applications, creating "biological lighting innovations for NASA astronauts, new parents, and almost everyone in between," according to the company's website... Read More

New Products & Solutions

Wieland Samos Pro Compact

Wieland Electric's samos Pro Compact: Advanced Safety Features in a Compact, Cost-Effective Package

Wieland Electric Inc., a global manufacturer of electrical interconnect technology, has developed the next generation of its samos PRO programmable safety controller, the samos Pro Compact. With a width of only 45mm, the compact module simplifies safety solutions, while controlling safety functions for a wide variety of industrial applications...
Legrand Universal Dimming Module

Legrand Universal Dimming Module: Bring Precise Control to Complex Lighting Automation Projects

Legrand, North America has expanded its lighting control and automation panel (LCAP) architectural dimming product family with the new InFusion Universal Dimming Module (UDM), which controls up to eight universal loads with up to four line feeds for a total of 32 AMPs per module...

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