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Volume 2 • Issue 13

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette It's time for summer holidays and, unfortunately, not so starry skies

According to the new World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness, 62% of the world’s population and 99% of the population of the United States could be affected by light pollution: the Milky Way is hidden from the eyes of more than 80% of North Americans. We are witnessing an onslaught of figures and scientific opinion that reinforce what our contributors and other industry leaders are telling us: as we go through tremendous change, it’s more important than ever to insist on best practices, conduct more research in lighting, and reflect on new ways to integrate emerging technologies. Follow us on Twitter @LDSnewsletter and happy reading.

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Sylvania Sylvania Celebrates LEDVANCE with Launch Party
Sylvania held a launch party recently to introduce the industry to their new brand and product line — LEDVANCE. Born of out of the OSRAM brand, LEDVANCE looks to bring a new modern edge to the company…
Lumigroup Calabro LumiGroup's Jean-Claude Calabro Honoured by Chamber of Commerce
Calabro was one of five business personalities honoured by the Saint-Laurent-Mont-Royal Chamber of Commerce and Industry at an event celebrating business excellence in the region…
Shirley Coyloe CREE Canada's Shirley Coyle Assumes Presidency of IES
Cree Canada President Shirley Coyle has begun a one-year term as President of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES). Coyle succeeds Mark Roush…

A sleek linear LED style within your budget

Philips Ledalite FloatPlane LED suspended and wall mount luminaires offer great performance in a sporty, low-profile design. FloatPlane's sleek minimalism (only 1.2"h x 8"w) blends seamlessly into your unique layout, and the distribution options of 70% up, 75% down and 100% down give you further flexibility. FloatPlane's astounding performance offers outputs up to 129 LPW. Now you can have the distinct energy savings of LED, with the affordability of fluorescent luminaries. Read More


IESBC Announces Its 2016 Vision Award Winners

IESB Awards AES The Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia (IESBC) has announced the winners of its 2016 Vision Awards: UBC's Student Union Building (AES Engineering Ltd.), Simon Fraser University's Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard (Integral Group Consulting (BC) LLP), and L'Occitane en Provence's Vancouver flagship store (Render Light & Planning). Read More


Illumination Project to Animate Calgary Underpass

Calgary Underpass Calgary city councillors have approved a plan to illuminate a downtown underpass variously described as "scary" and "a space of fear." The project will feature interactive lighting that will change as pedestrians approach, offering a creative solution to an unsafe eyesore, and is part of a larger $6.7 million revitalization of the underpass. Created by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative and artist Krzysztof Wodiezko, the project comprises three interrelated lighting components… Read More

Peers & Profiles

Anaïe Dufresne — Jack of All Creative Trades

By Laurence Rocher-Brassard
Jacques& Anna Anaïe Dufresne, 30 years old, is co-founder of Jacques & Anna, a company that creates custom luminaires. Anna founded the company with her father Jacques two years ago. It's a creative fusion of her love of lighting, a B.A. in set design with a specialization in video and lighting, and an overall passion for making things. The business came about after Anaïe managed a new restaurant opening. Shortly after the opening, customers complained that the lighting was too cool. Anna suggested redoing the lighting to add a little warmth, and her father helped her implement her ideas. Read More

Light Pollution

New Atlas Shows Extent of Light Pollution — What Does It Mean for Our Health?

By Richard G. 'Bugs' Stevens
Light Pollution Effects On Health The new comprehensive World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness has just appeared in Science Advances. Falchi and colleagues estimate that, thanks to sky glow, the Milky Way is no longer visible to one-third of humanity, with the most heavily industrialized regions suffering the greatest loss: 60% of Europeans and 80% of North Americans can no longer see the Milky Way at night. As an epidemiologist who has been studying the possible impact of electric lighting on health for decades, I am greatly concerned about this. Read More

AMA Issues Guidance on Harmful Effects of High Intensity Street Lighting

High Intensity Street Lighting Physicians at a recent annual meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) have adopted guidance for communities on selecting among LED lighting options to minimize potential harmful human and environmental effects. "Despite the energy efficiency benefits, some LED lights are harmful when used as street lighting," says AMA Board Member Maya A. Babu. "The new AMA guidance encourages proper attention to optimal design and engineering features when converting to LED lighting that minimize detrimental health and environmental effects." Read More


Lighting the Way to a Clean Future with Ultraviolet LEDs

By Robert C. Walker
Ultraviolet LEDS Germs are everywhere. Even in today's seemingly sanitized world, persistent environmental health threats in our water and on everyday surfaces can cause serious damage. UV-C LED technology is now available in the most powerful form of its size, producing tens of, or over a hundred, milliwatts of disinfection power at a size as small as a few millimetres squared. This enables unparalleled flexibility to incorporate into a range of products, from self-disinfecting water bottles and pitchers to hospital surface cleaners. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Eaton Asymmetric Lighting

Eaton Lighting Solutions Introduces ASYX 2.0 Family of Asymmetric Lighting

Eaton's ASYX 2.0 is a full line of scalable, asymmetric, LED lighting solutions covering a range of lumen outputs and wattages needed for architectural indoor and outdoor spaces. The ASYX 2.0 uses the industry's highest output LEDs in conjunction with Eaton's lighting technologies and innovative platforms: innovation you can rely on. Read More
Liteline LED Tape Light

Liteline 5-Meter Flexible Edge Lit Single Colour Indoor LED Tape Light

Liteline's LED-TP8-5M is an indoor 5-meter (196 27⁄32") flexible edge-lit LED tape light. With 1800 lumens, it provides ample illumination for residential, retail and light commercial displays. LED-TP8-5M is ideal for decorating ceilings, wall or contour marking, under-cabinet, in-cabinet, toe kicks, and task lighting. Read More
Eiko Tube Lights

Eiko LED Bypass/Line Voltage T8 Tube Lights

These Eiko Litespan LED tube lights are solid state replacements for 2 ft., 3 ft. and 4 ft. T8s or T12 G13 base linear fluorescents. Single-end powered, they operate on 120V-277V line voltage. Read More
Edge Downlight Suspension

Edge Nova Modular Downlight Suspension

Nova Suspension Modular Channel is the primary component of Edge's Nova modular system (NSM). The LED channel (with lens) can be combined with various NSM components (sold separately), including: end caps, desired power canopies and L, T, X or Y-shaped connectors for building personalized geometric configurations. Read More

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