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Featured Products — September
Standard Coloured LEDs: Vibrant Coloured Lamps for a Cheerful Setting
Standard Coloured LEDS Add a touch of colour, fun and cheer to your decor or create a playful ambiance during a special event with Standard's coloured LED lamps. Because these lamps use LED technology, they are an energy-efficient solution consuming only 2.5 watts. They are the perfect replacement for traditional incandescent counterparts. Read More...
Amerlux Murro High Power LED Wall Wash: More Light With Unique Optics
Updated and improved with high-powered LEDs, Amerlux' Murro high power LED wall washers are engineered to fulfil specification demands of smaller, less "heat sink" styled fixtures. The compact, passively cooled Murro LED wall wash commands attention from a diminutive, shallow form factor, and has a 2-to-1 fixture/wall spacing ratio. Read More... Amerlux Murro
Magic Lite Surface/Recessed LED Down Light
MagicLite Downlight Magic Lite's LED Down Light is a simple yet beautiful solution for flush mount and recessed applications without requiring the use of a recessed can. The DL-4-9D/DL-6-15D series features a 120V alternating current source that eliminates the need for a traditional LED driver. In addition, the DL-4-9D/DL-6-15D installs easily on a standard ceiling junction box or can be retrofitted to existing recessed cans. Read More...
Eaton "Define" LED Linear Recessed Luminaire
Eaton's Define series by Neo-Ray characterizes the ultimate in minimalist simplicity by providing clean, uniform lines of illumination in any architectural environment. Powered by Eaton's linear LED technology, the Define series delivers outstanding efficacy in a variety of profile widths that empower designers, engineers and architects to design the space with lines of light. Read More... Eaton Recessed Luminaire
Nora Lighting Cobalt Click LED with Interchangeable, Snap-on Trims
Nora Colbalt Click Nora Lighting adds the Cobalt Click, an LED downlight with interchangeable, snap-on trims, to its current Cobalt Series. The trims are offered in a wide array of designs to suit any site and click into place on the Cree LED engine for an application-specific finish. More than 50 trim variations can be snapped onto the basic LED Cobalt Click. Read More...
Edge Lighting Sun 3 LED Uplight or Steplight Components
Edge Lighting's 3" recessed round or square SUN3 LED has a 6.5 watt, high powered warm white LED and features a 16, 23, 36 or 47 degree precise focus and tempered glass lens with marine-grade aluminum bevelled edge trim. The fixture is rated for outdoor/ocean front environments using a wet location electrical box, or indoor using a standard octagon electrical box. Read More... Edge Sun Uplight
Cree CPY LED Canopy Luminaire Delivers Category-Leading Efficiency
Cree Canopy Luminaire Cree, Inc. continues to break efficiency records with the next generation of its CPY 13,000 lumen LED canopy luminaire, delivering efficiency of up to 136 lumens per watt (LPW). This new 13,000 lumen Cree canopy luminaire offers superior illumination and industry-leading efficiency, as well as easy installation and lower total cost of ownership. Read More...
Peerless Lopa-HBI — High Bay
Peerless' new Lopa-HBI LED luminaire is designed for high bay applications and comes with a wide range of lumen packages and a variety of options and accessories. The luminaire is fabricated from code gauge steel. Drivers are located in a separate subchannel of the luminaire for easy wiring access. This high-efficiency, high-performance luminaire is suitable for a variety of commercial, industrial or retail applications. Read More... Peerless LOPA HBI

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