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Volume 3 • Issue 21

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Projects and winners

The participants and winners of the LAMP awards show, without us having to comment on their work, show how lighting, technology and design are irretrievably linked. Creativity and imagination are no longer limited by technology, as the winning product presentations confirm. In this issue we also introduce projects that have had an impact on energy efficiency or architectural value. Elsewhere, we talk about standards and what may be new lighting technology. Good reading, and participate in our editorial content for 2017 by sending us your ideas or projects.

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Peace Bridge Calgary to Spend $700,000 Replacing 300 Peace Bridge Light Fixtures
The city is spending $700,000 to replace 300 light fixtures on the Peace Bridge that can't take Calgary's cold winters, reports the Calgary Sun…
Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Officially Relights on December 1
Construction is underway on an enhanced illumination project for both the Canadian Horseshoe and American Falls…
John V. Keating Cristal Controls Appoints New Regional Manager, Ontario
As part of Cristal Controls' plan to continue growth in central Canada, John V. Keating has assumed the role of Regional Manager, Ontario…

Lighting Awards

LAMP Names 2016 Lighting Design Winners

BlackHole The just concluded third annual Lighting Architecture Movement Project (LAMP) competition continues to provide an international opportunity for up-and-coming lighting designers to showcase their talents in a unique conceptual exploration of light. It's a one-of-a-kind lighting design competition and exhibition held yearly in Vancouver, BC. This year's theme was "Cosmic," exploring the link between sculptural object and far-reaching technologies. Two Canadian entries were among the finalists. Read More

Lighting Case Study

Westin Montreal: Energy Consumption Analysis

Westin-Montreal The costs of renovation and fixture replacements can seem daunting for both small and large living and work spaces. However, investing in efficient lighting can translate into significant energy savings and, most importantly, productivity. LED lighting supplier Arani recently partnered with the Westin Montreal to brighten one of the most prestigious hotels in the city's historical Old Port, and improve its lighting efficiency at the same time. To accomplish this, Arani… Read More

Codes and Standards

A Short History of Safety Norms For LEDs

By Fausto Martin
LED What came first: the chicken or the egg? In technical files the answer is simple: first comes the product, then the standard. In 1993, when Nichia introduced the blue LED (based on GaN), the issue of photo biological safety was taken into consideration. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) decided to include LEDs in the laser product category and related norms (IEC 60825). A few years later — 1996 — IESNA published ANSI/IESNA RP27.1, "Photobiological safety for lamps and lamp systems - general requirements…" Read More


Lumenpulse Lights Boston City Hall

Boston City Hall Lumenpulse luminaires chosen to light Boston City Hall highlight and revitalize the building's unique "Heroic" style. An initiative from Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the city set out to liven up the City Hall Plaza as well as create an inviting space for locals and visitors alike. To illuminate the original tripartite design of City Hall, Lam Partners Inc. used a mix of high-output Lumenbeam Grande RGBW and Lumenfacade RGBW luminaires, washing the hall's façade in a warm white light as a regular setting, while also having the capability to project an array of colour options for civic and celebratory events. Read More


Laser Lighting — the Potential Successor of LED Technology

Laser LED One thing that characterizes technology is constant evolution, and lighting fixtures are no exception. New technologies constantly emerge, offering performance superior to the products they replace, eventually displacing them from the market. At the moment, LED lighting represents the state of the art in the lighting industry. However, according to Dr. Shuji Nakamura, laser diodes are the future of lighting and will eventually displace LED. Laser technology offers great potential and impressive performance characteristics… Read More

Peers & Profiles

Flux Lighting — A Lighting Agency with an Emphasis on Education

By Julie Kerr
Flux Logo Flux Lighting Inc., an agency located in Ottawa that services Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, specializes in lighting for industrial and commercial space. Flux was founded in 2002 by partners Dan Emond and Jeff Fitch. Since then, the team at FLUX has grown to include Mara Klammrodt. LDS had the chance to tour the newly renovated Flux Lighting office last month. What really made this space stand out was the… Read More


Smart, High-Res LED Headlights Advance Adaptive Forward Lighting

Headlight Demonstration A German research alliance has developed the basis for smart, high resolution LED headlights, which takes adaptive forward lighting to a new dimension. The demonstration model was developed by overall project manager Osram in collaboration with project partners Daimler, Fraunhofer, Hella and Infineon. Both headlights contain three LED light sources, each with 1,024 individually controllable light points (pixels), ensuring optimum light conditions at all times without dazzling other drivers. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Slyvania LED's

LEDVANCE: Advancing Light with New SYLVANIA LED Innovations

LEDVANCE has announced a wide range of new Sylvania LED lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Available now or in the near future, first-to-market products include an easy option for updating recessed lighting, and connected indoor/outdoor and under cabinet lighting. The company is also launching a motion and temperature sensor — a major step toward automating intelligent light — and Energy Star qualified LED A19 and A21 lamps. Read More
Hylytr LED

Architectural Lighting Works: New Hylytr LED Luminaires Graze Walls and Ceilings

Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) — an international manufacturer of high-performance, commercial luminaires designed for use in office, retail, hospitality, civic and academic environments — announces the release of Hylytr. Featuring ALW's new, proprietary Double Slot Optic light sculpting technology, which provides sharp, long-reaching and narrow-beam light emissions, Hylytr LED luminaires offer superior performance in wall grazing, ceiling grazing and long, linear "showcasing" applications. Read More
Magic Light RGB Controllers

Magic Lite RGB Controllers

RGB Stands for "Red Green Blue," and refers to the three hues of light that can mix together to form any colour. When the highest intensity of each colour is mixed together, white light is created. When you use Magic Lite's RGB colour changing LED Lights, you no longer have to decide which colour to use. You can either allow the lights to cycle through a continuous colour changing pattern, or stop the controller at any colour you like. The possibilities are endless. Read More
Phillips LED Downlight

Philips Lightolier Calculite LED Downlights Generation 3

Downlights are a versatile tool for enhancing spaces and creating visual appeal. As an ambient light source, recessed downlights create a comfortable, soothing illumination throughout the space without distraction. At the same time, downlights can boldly or subtly accentuate architectural or design elements to create rich dimensions and visual interest. Read More

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