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Volume 4 • Issue 1

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette The new language of lighting and today's lighting professionals

To start the year, which for the industry will beyond any doubt be the year of lighting technology, we focus on two profiles reflecting the industry in different times and contexts. We also invite you to watch the transformation of an icon of the Canadian landscape that has received a lighting update suitable to its place in our geographical heritage. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

The CLUE Competition Deadline for CLUE Competition Only Days Away
The CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) competition is open worldwide to upcoming professionals with five (5) years or less of experience. Students, individuals, trainees, or firms can participate. Deadline to register: January 30…
IESBC BC-based Designers: Submit Your Lighting Projects by February 17
On January 1, the Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia (IESBC) began accepting lighting project submissions for the 2017 Vision Awards. All B.C. based interior designers, architects, engineers, landscape architects, and lighting designers with projects completed between January 2014 and December 31, 2016, can apply.
The "Laurent" Fixture Azure Magazine Names Lambert & Fils' "Laurent" Fixture one of 2016's 10 Best Products
Azure, an award-winning magazine with a focus on contemporary architecture and design, has recognized Laurent by Montreal's Lambert & Fils studio as a one of the best products in any category for 2016…
  • Leviton Acquires ConTech Lighting
    Leviton's acquisition of ConTech Lighting continues its strategic growth in lighting and expands its product offerings and solutions. ConTech's product offerings include track, decorative, pendant, cylinder, recessed, sconce, accent, display and emergency lighting fixtures…

  • Retrolux to Partner with Lunera
    A new partnership between Retrolux and Lunera will see Lunera's smart LED lighting products exclusively featured in Retrolux's integrated software solution for the commercial lighting retrofit industry…

  • Time to Submit Your Entry for a 2017 IES Illumination Award
    Submissions are now being accepted for the IES' 2017 Illumination Awards program. Deadline: February 17…

  • Call for Speakers: 2017 IES Street and Area Lighting Conference
    The IES Street and Area Lighting Conference, taking place September 10-13 in Austin, TX, attracts a broad spectrum of attendees with a primary focus of improving outdoor lighting. Deadline for submissions: January 19…

  • Lumenpulse Group Reports Record Q2 Fiscal 2017 Results
    Lumenpulse Inc. has achieved revenue for Q2 Fiscal 2017 51% greater than Q2 Fiscal 2016. Lumenpulse Inc. is the parent company of the Lumenpulse Group, a manufacturer of high performance, specification-grade LED lighting solutions…


Lessons from a Year as a Lighting Agent

By David Gordon
David Gordon Recently a lighting rep who had recently completed his first year at his firm, after spending six years in a variety of lighting manufacturer roles, shared his observations. Tom Salter, who works for Sesco Lighting, provides insights from both sides of the "overage discussion" as well as input to help better understand the lighting agent / manufacturer relationship (and how some elements could be improved). Read More


Behind the Scene of Niagara Falls' LED Relighting

The Niagara Falls Respecting Niagara Falls' natural beauty while ushering in a new era in modern lighting technology, Salex Inc. in partnership with a team of local, Canadian and American companies won a global bid to illuminate the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and American Bridal Veil Falls with the newest in LED lighting technology. At the heart of the spectacular $4 million lighting makeover is a new LED lighting system that provides 350 zones of control, 120 across the American Falls and 230 across the Canadian Falls. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Nationally Recognized Electrical Engineer Spent a Lifetime Illuminating the World

By Valerie Hill
Sam McKnight Sam McKnight of Cambridge, Ontario; born May 19, 1919, in Nova Scotia. Died Oct. 24, 2016, of age-related illness. For 46 years a professional engineer, Sam McKnight travelled the world as one of Westinghouse's most respected electrical engineers, a lighting designer of immense talent. "He was a smart man, very smart and a hard worker," said daughter-in-law Jayne McKnight. "He was also always reading about lighting." One of Sam's most challenging jobs was designing the lighting for Vancouver's 60,000-seat BC Place Stadium built for Expo 1986. Read More

Peers & Profiles

EDP — Where Design and Technology Go Hand in Hand

By Laurence Rocher-Brassard
EDP EDP, a lighting manufacturing agent, stands out as a leader in a changing industry. The company serves Quebec and works in the commercial, architectural, institutional, industrial, urban and corporate areas. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree from the HEC Montréal business school, EDP founder Serge Le Myre worked for a bank, where he quickly realized finance wasn't for him. Serge was then recruited into the lighting industry. In 1990, he founded Ventes Dimension Plus, Inc., which later became Éclairage Dimension Plus Inc. (EDP). The business was located in his own basement. Read More


PoE Lighting Revenue Forecast to Increase 1100% by 2026

PoE Lighting Revenue Forecast Since Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting is in its infancy, there is still skepticism about using PoE technology for lighting. The success of PoE technology for other uses, such as phone systems, has not translated into widespread acceptance for the lighting market. However, a Navigant research report forecasts that global revenue for PoE lighting will grow from an estimated US$35.8 million in 2016 to US$419.9 million in 2025. Read More


Night-Time Light Pollution Is Causing Spring to Come Early

Night-Time Light Pollution Is Causing Spring to Come Early Human use of artificial light is causing spring to come at least a week early in the U.K., researchers at the University of Exeter in Cornwall have found. New research led by a team of biologists based at the University's Penryn campus highlights for the first time and at a national scale the relationship between the amount of artificial night-time light and the date of budburst in woodland trees. Red lighting was found to be "particularly culpable for this effect." Read More

New Products and Solutions

Hubbell Marshal Security Flood & Occupancy Sensors

Hubbell Marshal Security Flood & Occupancy Sensors

Hubbell Outdoor's new Marshal, a powerful and versatile security flood with occupancy sensor, replaces twin 150w incandescent lamps and delivers 2,100 total lumens. It features rugged adjustable die-cast aluminum heads (NEMA 3R rated) and a mounting plate for years of trouble free service. Read More
Lumenpulse Linear LED luminaire

Lumenpulse Linear LED Luminaire for Grazing and Floodlighting

The Lumenfacade is a high-performance linear LED luminaire for grazing or floodlighting exterior walls and facades. Featuring second generation LED technology, the luminaire is available in 0.3 m, 0.6 m, 0.9 m o 1.2 m sections, and can be configured with a wide number of options. Read More
Two New LED Systems to Replace DK 7109.200

Rittal Introduces Two New LED Systems to Replace DK 7109.200

As a result of an EU ecodesign guideline, the enclosure light DK 7109.200 with magnetic ballast (KVG), is being replaced by two new LED system lights: 2500.100 (400 lumen) and 2500.110 (600 lumen). The lights provide optimum illumination of the entire enclosure, offer clip, screw and magnetic attachment, and a configuration to suit every application. Read More

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