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Featured Products - Lightfair 2017 Award Winners
Vode Lighting, LLC (Zip Three 707 Wall Mount): Most Innovative Product of the Year - Commercial Indoor
Vode Lighting's Zip Three 707 Wall Mount The ZipThree LED fixture is a wall mounted, micro-thin blade design provides seamless bi-directional ceiling wash and wall graze lighting for corporate, hospitality and educational applications. At only 0.27" (7mm) tall and 4" (102mm) deep, the fixture disappears into the environment yet provides seamless, pure and balanced light. Optional edge glow, softly illuminates the leading edge of the fixture, transforming the ZipThree into an elegant line of light. Read More...
Tech Lighting (Element Reflections): Design Excellence Award - Recessed Downlights
Element Reflections domes (available in 5", 8" and 12" diameters) are recessed into the ceiling plane and act as reflectors to a completely hidden ring of up-firing LEDs that deliver perfectly controlled indirect illumination. The play of light and shadow highlights the range of stylized dome designs while reducing overall glare. Element Reflection domes also offer two ceiling appearance options: flanged for a more traditional ceiling appearance; or flangeless for a smooth, mudded-in ceiling appearance. Read More... Tech Lighting Element Reflections Decorative Recessed
Soraa Laser Diode's LaserLight SMD: Category Winner - Technical Innovation Award, LED/OLED, Chips and Modules
Soraa Laser Diode's LaserLight SMD SLD's LaserLight SMD utilizes proprietary and patented semi-polar GaN laser diodes, combined with advanced phosphor technology, and packaged into a 7mm X 7mm surface mounted device (SMD).The LaserLight SMD combines the benefits of solid-state illumination such as minimal power consumption and long lifetime, with the highly directional output that has been possible only with legacy technology. Read More...
AMS (AS7221 Tuning Smart Lighting Manager): Judges' Citation Award - Non-Luminous Components, Specialty Hardware, Shades and Solar
AS7221 is a networking-enabled IoT Smart Lighting Manager with embedded tri-stimulus colour sensing for direct CIE colour point mapping and control. IoT luminaire control is through a network connection, or by direct connection to 0-10V dimmers, with control outputs that include direct PWM to LED drivers and analog 0-10V to dimming ballasts. A simple text-based Smart Lighting Command Set and serial UART interface, enables easy integration to standard network clients. Read More... AMS AS7221 CCT Tuning Smart Lighting Manager
Lighting Analysts Inc. (ElumTools Version 2017): Category Winner - Research, Publications, Non-Control Software and Measuring Devices
Lighting Analysts ElumTools Version 2017 ElumTools is the first fully integrated lighting calculation add-in for Autodesk Revit. ElumTools is designed to calculate point-by-point illuminance on any work plane or surface utilizing lighting fixture families and surface geometry already present in the Revit model. Read More...
Soraa Inc. Sky BR30: Category Winner - Conventional Retrofit and Replacement LED Lamps
Dynamic natural sunlight spectrum throughout the day, syncs to local sunrise and sunset times automatically, shifts to Soraa BlueFree in the evening promoting better sleep. The BR 30 leverages Soraa's GaN-on-GaN violet LEDs for full Spectrum, museum-quality light for radiant surroundings while utilizing SORAA's BlueFree at night to maintain beauty with no yellow cast. Read More... Soraa Sky BR30
Philips (Bodine AC/Emergency Driver for LED Strips): Category Winner - Ballasts, Transformers, LED Drivers, Systems and Kits
Philips Bodine AC/Emergency Driver for LED Strips The Philips Bodine is delivered in one compact case and driver compatibility in your fixture is guaranteed. Features: emergency LED driver in one compact, low-profile case; AC and EM driver compatibility is confirmed; fewer wires to simplify installation, separate battery for mounting flexibility; simpleSet programming for AC operation. Read More...
XAL Inc. NOD: Category Winner - Indoor Decorative and Track
NOD was designed by the young Japanese designer Daisuke Kitagawa; its refined contemporary simplicity coheres with the minimalist philosophy of Japanese design culture. The classic conicity of the light sculpture makes it as simple as it is decorative - NOD has universal added value thanks to its diversity of applications. Read More... XAL Inc. NOD
Hess America, Arini: Category Winner - Parking, Roadway and Area Luminaires
Hess America Arini Multiple luminaires combined with artistically styled poles add visual interest to feature spaces while generating functional general illumination. Choice of optics includes three rotationally symmetric distributions and two elliptical beam patterns to meet varying site lighting requirements. Optional flowing teardrop accent on the rear of the luminaire housing is available to provide coloured LED highlighting or waymarking. All hardware is stainless steel. Standard colour; matte silver grey metallic. Special colours available. Read More...
Tech Lighting, Mode Split Outdoor Path/Flood: Category Winner - Sports, Step, Landscape, Pool & Fountain Luminaires
The Mode Split Outdoor LED flood/accent path light from Tech Lighting features a minimalist tubular profile with a unique "split" design that features 2 semi-circular arms that can be aimed together or independently ideal for accenting landscape features, exterior way-finding, or wall grazing. Mode Split offers lockable 185° tilt adjustment and 359° rotation for maximum aiming flexibility with angle markings to ensure precise and consistent aiming. Read More... Tech Lighting Mode Split Outdoor Path/Flood

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