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Managing Editor, Line Goyette Lighting even redefines the vocabulary we use to talk about it

I often hear about lighting projects and discoveries that are science fiction that has become reality. I live close to the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Montreal, and every night I am amazed by the real interaction between the bridge and its human and social environment through lighting. It is another form of speech, but the words to describe this show do not belong to the technical vocabulary that made it possible. We talk instead of magic, as does our guest designer in this issue, a word that is also used to describe a luminaire. In the third article of his series on the future of lighting, our contributor David Gordon returns to the future to tell us about discussions that took place in 1998 on the future of lighting, where it seems some people urged their colleagues to approach lighting from a perspective other than the bulb. Bet won, lighting even serves to structure 3D objects. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene



The Future of Lighting Has Arrived. Expect More!

By David Gordon
David Gordon Sometimes it makes sense to go “Back to the Future,” so to speak, in order to have a better perspective. In this case, to Tucson, Arizona in 1998, where Wendell Strong attended a meeting that foresaw much of what has come to bear in the lighting market. Wendell has been in the lighting industry for many years and has used his insights as a lighting distributor and a manufacturer. Today he is the GENISYS PoE Lighting Manager for Innovative Lighting, and past president of The National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors… Read More

Special Project

Andrea Cingoli Wins Gold Medal at the European Design Awards 2017 with a Smart Chandelier tuBI'

The Smart Chandelier tuBI Andrea Cingoli, the Italian designer and founder of Concepticon Studio, was awarded the gold medal at the European Design Award in Brussels with the innovative project tuBl', a smart chandelier that can interact with your smartphone and allows you to save energy as well as provide the best lighting in the environment… Read More


Peter Hugh: Creating Magic Through Light

Peter Hugh Peter was a lighting design leader at an architectural/engineering firm before taking the bold step of opening his own lighting design firm, Hugh Lighting Design, LLC, eighteen years ago. Peter enjoys the magic and influence that lighting has on individuals and strives to bring that element into play with his customers, encouraging them to feel how lighting can affect a space rather than simply see it… Read More


Chemistry Discovery Yields 3-D Table-Top Objects Crafted from Light

Chemistry Discovery Yields 3-D Table-Top Objects Crafted from Light 3-D projections like those he saw years ago in a Star Wars movie has led to new technology for making animated 3-D table-top objects by structuring light. The new technology uses photoswitch molecules to bring to life 3-D light structures that are viewable from 360 degrees, says chemist Alexander Lippert, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, who led the research. The economical method for shaping light into an infinite number of volumetric objects would be useful in a variety of fields, from biomedical imaging, education and engineering, to TV, movies, video games and more… Read More

New Products and Solutions

Standard's Edge-Lit LED Panels

Standard's Edge-Lit LED Panels

This series is DLC approved. These LED panels are more efficient, more competitive and the perfect energy efficient solution to replace 1x4, 2x4 or 2x2 fluorescent troffers… Read More
Explosion Proof Flood Lights from CORE

Explosion Proof Flood Lights from CORE

The EP-Series Explosion Proof LED Flood Light is purpose-built for harsh duty and designed with the heavy industrial and marine shipyard sectors in mind… Read More
Digital Lumens Introduces New Wireless Sensor

Digital Lumens Introduces New Wireless Sensor

Digital Lumens has unveiled the DLA-V, a new Digital Light Agent (DLA) lighting control designed for a direct connection to 0-10V dimming drivers… Read More

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