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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Lighting in the service of beauty and heritage

Summer is drawing to an end, and while we've been at work, on vacation or on the move, we've each had opportunities to discover new uses for lighting. In this issue we present lighting in the service of beautiful heritage and contemporary architecture. In fact, we know well how lighting can reveal the forgotten faces of our built heritage. You will find that these projects share a respect for place as they modernize and optimize lighting. To quote a designer responsible for one of the projects presented, lighting makes it possible to accentuate and celebrate the striking grandeur of a historical structure. Also read about how keeping LEDs clean can extend their lifetime and maintain their efficiency. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

LED Technology

Study Confirms the Need to Keep LEDs Clean

Study Confirms the Need to Keep LEDs Clean A 2014 Municipal Solid-State Lighting Consortium survey found that the average annual operating cost per outdoor roadway luminaire was $96 in energy and $72 in operations and maintenance. As the nation's 26.5-plus million streetlights continue conversion to LED, maintenance savings resulting from LED's superior longevity offers a significant reason to switch alongside energy savings… Read More

Case Study

New Light Shines on the Trading Floor of the National Bank of Canada

New Light Shines on the Trading Floor of the National Bank of Canada The National Bank of Canada's Montreal headquarters possesses a Grand Hall that is an ornate masterpiece. Its rose, Italian Tavernelle marble walls, Corinthian colonnades of syenite, with black Belgian marble bases, its bronze railings and door frames, golden ornamented moulding, ceiling panels, and large colonnades are a majestic throwback to a bygone era. The lighting design needed to accentuate and celebrate this historic structure's arresting grandeur without washing out the ornate details… Read More

Case Study

Modern Lighting Revitalizes Historic Brockville Railway Tunnel

The Brockville Railway Tunnel A pillar of Canada's pre-Confederation industrial heritage, the Brockville Railway Tunnel has undergone an innovative restoration project transforming the tunnel into a cutting-edge walkway fitted with Philips Color Kinetics dynamic LED lighting… Read More

Peers and Profiles

Lightmaker Studio: Lighting is Also About Beautiful and Spectacular Objects

Lightmaker Studio Established in 2014, Lightmaker Studio designs and produces original chandeliers and architectural lighting. All pieces are assembled by hand and finished at their Studio located in the Distillery District of Toronto. The Studio, led by Denise Murphy along with her husband Michael as design lead, uses rhythm and geometry to create distinctive pieces… Read More

New Products and Solutions

Audacy Light Sensor

Audacy Light Sensor

The Audacy Light Sensor detects ambient light in a designated space and sends measurements to your Audacy Gateway… Read More
Advantek UltraThin LED Recessed Luminaire

Advantek UltraThin LED Recessed Luminaire

This recessed luminaire is dimmable, IC air tight rated, wet location approved and Energy Star rated… Read More
Nemalux - HAZLEDIP48 Series

Nemalux - HAZLEDIP48 Series

Nemalux GSLEDIP48 (46.19" [1173 mm]) fixtures are durable and robust with a projected lifespan of 100,000 hours… Read More
Delviro Energy Thinline BL-TL

Delviro Energy Thinline BL-TL

The Thinline BLTL suspended is ideal for architectural, commercial, and retail lighting applications… Read More

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