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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Is a balance between art and technology possible?

Everyone has their answer to this question, and lighting — a symbol of all things possible — helps to feed this discussion. This is what we are proposing to you in this issue. Michael Gentile, the head of Philips Lighting Canada, tells us that the possibilities of lighting connectivity are endless and inventing. It's motivating and exciting, and to better understand one aspect of these possibilities, an article about wireless connections for lighting fixtures. But lighting has also become an art, and lighting designers constantly go beyond the boundaries of what we believe to be possible, and evolve at the same pace or almost as the technology itself. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Peers & Profiles

Michael Gentile — A Leader Whose Drive for Innovation Serves Him Well

By Line Goyette
Michael Gentile Michael Gentile, President and CEO of Philips Lighting Canada, has had a long and distinguished career in the electrical industry and more recently the lighting industry. None of this is by chance. Always in decision-making circles since beginning his career, Michael spends the first 10 years first at Siemens, and subsequently in lighting at Osram as Vice President Finance and Vice President Sales and Marketing. Read More


The Internet of Things — From the Sensor to the Application Via the Cloud

By Armin Anders
Internet of Things The Internet of Things is growing exponentially. Studies speak of 20 billion devices being connected to the Internet by 2020 and 30 trillion "things" by 2030. More and more, the Internet is being expanded by the ability to connect smart objects, and it thus increasingly helps people to perform their everyday tasks, usually without them being aware of it. Welcome to the Internet of Things! Read More


Lighting for Tomorrow 2017 Award Winners: Residential Lighting

Lighting for Tomorrow 2017 Award Winners: Residential Lighting The 2017 awards for residential lighting products were announced at the American Lighting Association Annual Conference last month in Vancouver, BC. Winners must have successfully incorporated advances in both design and energy efficiency. Launched in 2002, the competition is sponsored by the American Lighting Association (ALA), the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and UL. Read More


New LRC Study Evaluates the Blue-Light Hazard From Solid-State Lighting

New LRC Study Evaluates the Blue-Light Hazard From Solid-State Lighting The introduction of solid-state lighting using LED technology has ignited widespread interest in the ways that lighting can offer benefits to people, including improved visibility at night, enhanced perceptions of brightness and security, and spectral tuning for management of circadian rhythms. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Standard's LSHOP LED Shoplight

Standard's LSHOP LED Shoplight

Standard's 4-foot LED shoplight delivers 4,000 lumens of brilliant white light of the highest quality, equivalent to two fluorescent tubes, but consumes 48% less energy. The LSHOP series offers an integrated solution for quick and easy installation: no wiring required, just plug it in and turn it on by pulling the chain. Read More
Liteline's Luna, Changing Recessed Downlighting

Liteline's Luna: Changing Recessed Downlighting

Liteline's Luna is engineered for maximum heat dissipation and eliminates the need for housing entirely. The Luna series is a directional downlight that provides customers with a variety of sizes, trim styles and colour temperatures. Read More
Magic Lite Features New Decorative Lighting Options

Magic Lite Features New Decorative Lighting Options

Magic Lite now offers a new selection of decorative lighting options for multiple applications, providing designer quality light solutions while saving energy. The expanding selection of LED lighting solutions now includes vanity lights, wall sconces and ceiling lights for a variety of uses, including residential, commercial and hospitality. Read More
Lubo Lighting's Advanced Cooling Solutions for Next Generation Fixtures

Lubo Lighting's Advanced Cooling Solutions for Next-Gen Fixtures

Lubo Lighting International Inc.'s Cameleon - 2013 is a new generation of outdoor lighting fixtures with a thermo transfer module, for standard MR11 and MR16 bulbs, which transfer heat directly to the fixture's body for fast dissipation. Read More

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