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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette What are the factors to consider before investing in major modernization projects?

Some studies provide that 20 billion objects and devices will be connected via the Internet in 2020. That's almost tomorrow. Decisions made at the start of large-scale projects are all the more important as they will feed future decisions. For these reasons in particular, city lighting is at the heart of all urban issues. Decision-making factors must therefore be well defined and understood before undertaking major upgrades or modernizations of commercial, institutional or industrial facilities. Specifying products becomes a critical issue. We will come back to this in the near future in a conversation with an industry leader. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Peers & Profiles

Matthew McCormick Studio: The Beauty of Architectural Lighting

By Owen Hurst
Matthew McCormick Matthew McCormick Studio in Vancouver has rapidly become one of the Canada's prominent sources for fresh, uniquely designed lighting options. Matthew is a hands-on guy who always has his mind on new designs and possibilities that he has developed into a product line up that can change the look and feel of any space. He has also been the recipient of numerous international awards. Read More


New Lighting System for St. Peter's Basilica Nearly Finished

New lighting system for St. Peter's Basilica Planning for the new LED lighting system for the world's largest church has entered its final phase: the lighting calculations and simulations have been successfully completed. In the basilica, the LED lighting system has been tested in many areas, and everyone involved is pleased with the results. Tests show that the illumination level of the domes is 10 times brighter than before. The new indirect lighting system also eliminates unsightly drop shadows. The project involves 700 custom-made luminaires with more than 100,000 powerful LEDs. Read More

LED Technology

Selecting the Right Industrial Lighting, Part 2

By Graham White
Industrial Lighting Part 1 in this 3-part series provided an overview of lighting for industrial workplaces, plus two major reasons why lighting matters. Having considered both the role of lighting in the workplace and its contribution to capital costs and overheads, here are nine factors to consider in the selection process, starting with performance criteria. Read More


Office Lights Provide a Stimulus Similar to a Strong Cup of Coffee

Office Lights Provide a Stimulus Similar to a Strong Cup of Coffee An LED lighting system tuned to support the circadian rhythms of employees has helped to stimulate energy levels, enhance workplace comfort and vision, supporting a sense of wellbeing and performance. Employees give the office lights a thumbs up. They enjoy a comfortable bright light, similar to natural daylight, to start their day and after lunch. The subtle differences in the colour temperature and intensity of the lighting support eye comfort and may be personalized by employees to suit specific tasks. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Stanpro FLG-L Series LED Flood Light

Stanpro FLG-L Series LED Flood Light Now Available in 347V

The FLG series is a family of highly efficient and powerful LED flood lights available in three different lumen packages ranging from 8,126 to 18,300 lumens. Each fixture has a modern design with an aluminum die cast housing, standard with a bronze powder coat finish. The fixture comes standard with a trunnion mount. The option of choosing either 1/2″ NPT or slipfitter mount is available depending on the lumen package. Applications include general lighting of grounds, storage yards, and car dealers, parking areas, as well as floodlighting of signs and building fronts. Read More
Lumenpulse Point Source Family

Lumenpulse Expands with New Projectors and Dynamic White Solutions

Lumenpulse has introduced a new series of track and spotlights and a range of dynamic lighting offerings across its downlights, cylinders and track lights portfolio. The series, which includes the M-Series, Nio and Zen projectors, is a significant extension of Lumenpulse's existing delivering a wealth of features and benefits, including exceptional quality of light, industry-leading LED lifetime, optical performance and accessories. Read More
Fluxwerx Loop

Fluxwerx Loop: New LED Luminaires for Commercial and Institutional Applications

Fluxwerx' Loop, a suite of linear suspended and recessed LED luminaires for retail, commercial, institutional and healthcare environments, features new proprietary Radial Anidolic optics technology, which delivers efficient, precise, axially symmetric lighting distributions in a small scale, transparent circular optical lens for seamless integration with modern industrial design. These new luminaires combine minimalist design and architectural-grade materials with superior optical and energy performance, delivering 360-degree symmetrical batwing distribution and efficacies up to 149 lm/W. Read More
Premise Step-down Transformers

Premise Step-down Transformers

These step-down transformers offer a versatile slim design that comes in a 50VA and 100VA application. Read More

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