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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette The importance of staying in sync with demographic trends

In this issue we invite you to meet Serge Le Myre, the founding president of Éclairage Dimension Plus. The course of his career and his company illustrate very well the connection between the different industry segments that exist at the core of lighting projects that can be industrial or minimalist. It reminds us of the importance of combining market trends with demographic changes to better reflect and meet contemporary demands. A new vision for illuminating the City of London offers important lessons for urban lighting. Read more about it here. Also, understand the link between the Internet of Things and intelligent lighting. Are they inseparable? Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Light + Building 2018

Light + Building 2018 Continues to Grow

Light + Building 2018 Light + Building 2018 opened its doors in Frankfurt am Main from March 18 to 23. Over 2,700 exhibitors from 55 countries showed their latest products and innovations for the lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation, and safety and security sectors on more than 260,000 square metres spread across 25 exhibition halls. The event attracted 220,000 trade visitors from 177 countries. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Serge Le Myre — Vision, Determination, Conviviality in Harmony with Current Trends

By Line Goyette
Serge Le Myre Serge Le Myre receives us on the premises of Eclairage Dimension Plus inc. (EDP), which since February 2016 has lodged in the heart of Montreal's hip Mile-Ex neighbourhood. A long road travelled for a company born in Serge Le Myre's basement. We have already talked about the history of EDP, a professional lighting resource for architects, engineers, designers, master electricians, general contractors, and others. Today, we meet its president and founder. Read More

LED Technology

What is the Connection between Smart Lighting and IoT?

Smart Lighting and IoT The term "Internet of Things" is a growing topic of conversation. What exactly is the Internet of Things and what does smart lighting have to do with it? Emerging applications, some of which haven't been dreamed of yet, will make the IoT ubiquitous and so transformative that it will become a newer version of the digital fabric that is woven into our everyday lives. Read More

Lighting Systems

A Business Case for Future-proofing Building Lighting Systems, Part 1

Future-proofing Building Lighting Systems This business case lays out a rationale for future-proofing buildings and provides tools that will enable building owners to think more strategically about how they are looking at their building management systems and make initial investments upfront for long-term benefit. Here in Part 1: four arguments to make in your business case, starting with why do it now. Read More


Light and Darkness: A Lighting Vision for the City of London

A Lighting Vision for the City of London Public consultation has just closed on a dramatic and ambitious proposal to re-light the City of London, described as a "once in a generation" opportunity afforded by the upgrading of the street, amenity and architectural lighting owned and operated by the City of London. The need for a comprehensive lighting strategy arises from the need to replace the majority of the public lighting systems, which are now coming to the end of their life. This in turn provides a once in a generation opportunity to provide a more innovative, imaginative, holistic and consistent approach to lighting within the City of London. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Standard LED Vapor Tight LSV Series

Standard LED Vapor Tight LSV Series

Luminaires in Standard's Vapor Tight LED series are completely sealed with a uniform gasket and reinforced snap clips, protecting them against dust and jets of water projected from any direction. Offered in different watt options, the LSV series includes cable gland kit and stainless-steel mounting hardware that can accommodate flush (wall or ceiling) mounting applications. They are available in 120-277 V and 347 V, and have an average life of 50,000 hours and colour temperature of 4,000 K. Read More
Philips ClearGuide Technology

Philips ClearGuide Technology

ClearGuide Technology is vertically mounted, and distributes light through a light guide with precision rings. This allows light to be optimally distributed for maximum spacing and target lumens without directly exposing viewers to the LED. Two luminaire families offer a variety of style options in both post tops and bollards. Scalable lumen packages, multiple colour temperatures and programmable dimming features make these families flexible and adaptable. Read More
Venture LeafNut System

Venture LeafNut System

Venture's LeafNut intelligent wireless control system for area or street lighting features "nodes" housed in each light fixture, communicating via radio, satellite and cellular systems to deliver control and status messages to your secure web page accessed from any computer on the web. You can control, adjust, monitor and receive maintenance messages from each light fixture. With an upgrade kit of energy efficient pulse start ballasts and Uni-Form lamps, plus the power of the LeafNut system, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption expenses while providing bright, white site lighting. Read More
Ecopower FPK — Kelvin-Adjustable Flat ComfortPanel

Ecopower FPK — Kelvin-Adjustable Flat ComfortPanel

EdgeLit LightPlate technology developed by 3M produces even illumination of the lens materials and an ultra low glare factor. This ComfortPanel provides wireless control of both light level and kelvin temperature: it's fully dimmable and kelvin adjustable from 3000K to 5000K. Use the remote to control one panel, multiple panels, or a whole floor. Read More

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