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Managing Editor, Line Goyette And if lighting was at first synonymous with well-being

While we all gather at LightFair to learn more about the connected future, well-being and smart cities, we present here the journey of an inspiring neo-Canadian. "The first incandescent bulb of 40 watts changed our lives," says Dr. Venkataramanan. It allowed his father to get a bachelor's degree at the age of 53. Dr. Venkataramanan shares his vision for lighting and research. Also in this issue: lighting controls integrated into luminaires, and infrared sensors. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Lighting Controls

Luminaire-Integrated Lighting Controls

By Steve Mesh
Luminaire-Integrated Lighting Controls A relatively recent trend in the industry is to embed "luminaire-integrated" (embedded) controls into each fixture. This can be done in different ways, with different types of components, and with different types of control systems. The most basic version of luminaire-integrated controls consists of on-board sensors that tell the fixture what to do — without getting into the complexity of a networked lighting control system. While this approach may seem like the most logical choice from the viewpoint of ease of specification and installation, and the lowest cost option, there are limitations that should be considered. Read More

PIR Sensors

What Are PIR Sensors and Why Do I Need Them?

PIR Sensors Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensors are widely used in smart lighting systems and save money by dramatically reducing lighting usage and energy consumption. They are employed in offices and classrooms as well as in spaces with intermittent and unpredictable lighting usage, such as corridors, stairwells, storage areas, and parking garages. Lights can be programmed to either "dim" or "switch" in response to an occupancy status signal from a sensor. The strategy also improves comfort for occupants as they never have to enter a dark area or manually turn lights on or off. Read More

Company Profile

Lumentra: Pushing LED Innovation

By Owen Hurst
Dr. Venkat Venkataramanan In a world that is quickly being consumed by LED lighting, ensuring that this technology continues to advance in energy efficiency and quality is essential. When it comes to identifying issues and potential areas of adjustment many companies turn to LED experts such as those found at Lumentra, a cleantech company specializing in material solutions for the LED Industry. Recently Lighting Design & Specification had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Venkat Venkataramanan, the founder and Chief Technology Officer at Lumentra Inc… Read More

LED Technology

10 Key Questions to Ask Lighting Suppliers

By Graham White
Lighting Suppliers Parts 1 and 2 in this 3-part series, "Selecting the Right Industrial Lighting", provided an overview of lighting for industrial workplaces looked at the role of lighting in the workplace, its contribution to capital costs and overheads, and nine factors to consider in the selection process. Here in this third and final article are essential questions that Eaton recommends any potential purchaser pose to suppliers. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Wieland Surface Mounted PCB Connector

Wieland Surface Mounted PCB Connector with Push-In Connection Technology

The 7060 SMD is Wieland's first surface mounted PCB connector series with push-in connection technology. The device is a compact and powerful PCB terminal designed for small electronic devices such as commercial appliances, control units, or LED applications. Its compact size saves critical space on circuit boards while delivering power safely and efficiently. The push-in technology is a tool-free connection type offering considerable time savings during installation. Integrated test connections also allow for quick testing. Read More
Pioneer LED Slim Troffer

Pioneer LED Slim Troffer with Integral Occupancy Sensor

The Pioneer Lighting line of slim low profile LED troffers is now available with integral PIR occupancy sensors. The sensor features Auto-On and Auto-Off operation with adjustable time delay and light level dials. For maximum energy savings, it also features a hold-off adjustable photo-cell to detect ambient lighting for daylight harvesting control. No additional wiring or special installation is required. This offers significant reduction in labour costs compared to installing separate remote control products for occupancy and daylight sensing. The shallow 3 ½" fixture depth is ideal for shallow plenums and offers a contemporary aesthetic design. Available in all standard sizes with a choice of two lens styles. Read More
Blue Ocean Lighting FS28 Indoor Strip

Blue Ocean Lighting FS28 Indoor Strip

Blue Ocean's BOLFS28 Indoor LED strip light series brings a bright and comfortable visual experience to display case lighting, cabinet decorating, cove lighting, back lighting, accent lighting, etc. The series is IP20 rated for indoor dry location or IP65 rating for indoor damp location. LM80 approved LED2835 chips ensure high energy efficiency, excellent colour consistency and low lumen depreciation. Product is ecologically friendly with no UV or IR radiation and little heat produced, reaching an exceptionally long lifetime of 50,000 hours. Read More
Thomas & Betts Nexus Monitoring System

Thomas & Betts Nexus Monitoring System

Nexus is an emergency lighting management system that allows the user to see the real-time status of the entire emergency lighting and exit sign system, run system diagnostics, perform required monthly and annual functional tests, generate maintenance logs, run compliance reports, and perform other system-critical functions quickly and easily all from a central control unit. Compared to manual management, automated monitoring is more efficient and less costly, and provides higher quality data that are not subject to human error. Read More

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