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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Are you ready for the digital world?

Operating in the midst of great technological change and in a buoyant industry sector does not automatically mean that our business practices perfectly reflect the transformation going on around us. Check out EFC's research report, "Let's Get Digital," and see how you fit into this unavoidable turn. We often say that lighting and health are increasingly connected and a fertile landscape for many technological and scientific discoveries. Also in this issue: how lighting can help improve the lives of patients with Alzheimer's disease, and contributor David Gordon's take on a market survey. Are your results and expectations similar to those reported by our southern neighbours? Good reading.

Line Goyette, Managing Editor


Changing Scene


Transforming the Electrical Industry in a New Digital Age

By Rob Nadler and Swati Patel
Transforming the Electrical Industry in a New Digital Age Digitalization is set to take hold of all business models, transforming how companies access, monitor, engage with and service customers. Today's customers are not passive consumers; they rely on real-time digital access to information to make purchasing decisions. Businesses must consider how to apply digital technologies and digitized data to connect with customers to help reshape their paths to purchase. This digital lens provides improvements to business functions, operations and overall processes by creating stronger insight and knowledge so businesses can take action. Read More

Market Research

Q2 2018 Pulse of Lighting Report

By David Gordon
David Gordon Earlier this year we launched our quarterly Pulse of Lighting study in conjunction with William Blair, a leading investment analyst firm. We recently received feedback from over 200 distributors, manufacturers and manufacturer reps. Key highlights of Q2 performance include 5-7% sales growth, which varies by sector. Sales growth appears to be stronger from supply (NEMRA) reps than lighting agents. Distributors continue to report a higher unit sales rate. Additional results include… Read More

Company Profile

Total Lighting Solutions Inc.

Total Lighting Solutions Inc. Lighting design increasingly focuses on unique and emotion invoking lighting options that begin with an idea or vision in the mind of a lighting designer, and is then brought to fruition through hard work and a focused team of experts. Total Lighting Solutions in Vancouver, BC has not only risen to this challenge but continued to set precedents year after year. The company was founded by Galina Zbrizher, an accomplished lighting design professional with an extensive résumé in the industry. Galina was previously the focus of an 2015 article in Lighting Design & Specification. Read More


Lighting Intervention Improves Sleep and Mood for Alzheimer's Patients

Lighting Intervention Improves Sleep and Mood for Alzheimer's Patients A tailored lighting intervention in nursing homes can positively impact sleep, mood and behaviour for patients with Alzheimer's disease, according to preliminary findings from a new study. People with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias may experience sleep problems, wandering, and associated daytime irritability. This study tested whether a tailored daytime lighting intervention could improve sleep and behaviour in Alzheimer's patients living in long-term care facilities. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Osram Smart Building Platform

Osram's Digital Lumens Expands Smart Building Platform with New Smart Sensor, New Lighting Controls

Digital Lumens has expanded its SiteWorx building intelligence platform with the introduction of two new products: Sense, an environmental sensing application, and the DLA Micro (DLA-M), a small lighting control that also enables instant SiteWorx compatibility. Designed for cold and ambient manufacturing, food production and warehousing facilities, Sense uses small, off-light sensors and SiteWorx compatibility to provide temperature and relative humidity tracking, alerts, and reporting that allow customers to streamline environmental monitoring, safeguard product quality, ensure critical code compliance, and improve operational efficiency. Read More
Magic Lite LED Disc Light

Magic Lite LED Disc Light

This LED disc light is a robust LED marker light ideal for public or residential applications, indoor or outdoor, and suitable for in-ground, ceiling or wall mount applications, as well as an up light for shrubs and small trees. Certified for wet burial applications. Read More
Hubbell Intercept LED Sports Light

Hubbell Intercept LED Sports Light

Intercept is a high output, high efficiency LED floodlight with a variety of flood distributions for lighting applications, such as general and security lighting for large areas, port and rail centres, airport aprons, and interior or exterior sports. Low glare shields reduce glare with minimal effect on light output, delivering lumens up to 90,000. Scalable LED modules allow for an optimized configuration for various lumen output targets, and flexible control solutions allow for individual fixture control for desired functionality. Read More

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