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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette The past, the present, the future are on the side of light bulbs

The reading material we take along with us on our summertime travels is often lighter, and one star of these roads and holiday books is without a doubt the costal lighthouse. Read about the history of these sea lights and how they evolved. Still on a historical note, our Kerrwil colleague begins a short history of light bulbs. We are always talking about the LED revolution, this is where this lightbulb originated and started the first modern revolution in everyday lighting. Also, the cycle continues for fluorescents. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Looking Back: Lighthouses

Safe at Sea — The History of Lighthouses

The History of Lighthouses Dotted along rugged coastlines and harbor entrances around the world, lighthouses have long prevented disasters and saved lives at sea. They have also captured our imagination. Often seen as an archetypal public good — lighthouses provide "free" light to ships — light has in fact long been used to ensure safety at sea. The iconic structures as we know them today first appeared in the 18th century. Read More

Lighting Design

Castor's Award-Winning Induction Wall Light

Castor's Award-Winning Induction Wall Light Castor Design is a Toronto-based practice run by Brian Richer, a trained architectural stone carver with a degree in English literature and philosophy, and Kei Ng, a trained architect with a background in set design. They are interested in the middle ground between art and design, bringing a sense of irreverence to each project. Materials and their reuse make up an important part of Castor's aesthetic: burnt out bulbs to make lighting, a rusty shipping container to make a sauna. This brings us to Castor's award winning Induction Wall Light, which uses a scientific concept to approach lighting in a unique way. It powers a burnt-out fluorescent bulb through an electromagnetic field. Read More

Looking Back: Electric Lighting

The Road Behind Us Was Lit with a Different Light, Part 1

By Owen Hurst
Electric Lighting Like most historical records we are left with two primary methods to understand the past. The first being written accounts by those who were present; the second, the historical record, which can support written accounts and be used to piece together an image of the past through careful analysis. When looking back at the introduction of electric lighting in Canada we have both sources to draw upon. The written accounts are varied and easily accessible, but the material record is often more difficult to fully understand. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Standard's T12 Ballast

Standard's T12 Ballast

Standard's new series of high-efficiency T12 ballasts are approved by Natural Resources Canada for use and distribution across all Canadian provinces. To meet the requirements, the ballasts needed to use high quality grade components which allow for unique ballasts that cannot be compared to other similar, but non-compliant versions. Read More
New Scene Management App from Philips Lighting

New Scene Management App from Philips Lighting

With a simple tap or swipe, the Interact Landmark Scene management app enables lighting managers to manage, control and change the lighting on bridges, buildings and monuments on the fly. Spectacular light shows can be remotely programmed to commemorate special events, holidays and important civic causes. For example, managers can paint a bridge in pink light to support World Breast Cancer Awareness. Read More
Viso's Wandering Star

Viso's Wandering Star Wins Red Dot Product Design Award

Designed by Filipe Lisboa, founder and head designer of Toronto-based contemporary lighting design and manufacturing brand Viso Inc., the Wandering Star pendant light fixture is made with solid European marble and a cast glass lens. It features metal details in a luxurious hairline bronze finish. The pendant is available in two sizes (110mm/4.3" and 160mm/6" in diameter) and five marble finishes (Nero Black, Carrara White Goss, Travertino, Indian Green and Matte White). Read More

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