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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette History, technology and career: lighting as a point in common

Kim Quelch, national president of EFC's Young Professionals Network, and Kerrwil Publications are inviting young people in our industry to raise their profile and share their expertise. In this issue, the career path of this professional who has become passionate about lighting. Also in this issue, a sequel to the history of the incandescent bulb. We know the end, and it's not too bright. My young colleague, who is passionate about history and technology, shares the rest of his research on the rise and descent of the incandescent bulb. Also, the new role of luminaires in data networking. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene


How Integrated Sensors in Luminaires Are Changing Commercial Real Estate

Integrated Sensors Lighting is pervasive throughout a built environment and by integrating sensors into every luminaire, each light is transformed into a data node on a connected lighting system network. These integrated sensors are able to collect useful data, which could include occupancy, traffic flow, light levels, temperature, humidity, air quality, and more. Deloitte estimates that sensors in commercial real estate will grow at a 78% annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020, with 1.3 billion sensors deployed by 2020. Let's take a closer look at how smart buildings are benefiting from integrating sensors in luminaires. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Kim Quelch — an Immense Desire to Share Passion and Knowledge

By Line Goyette
Kim Quelch A few weeks ago Kim Quelch, National President of Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)'s Young Professionals Network, invited her male and female colleagues to share and publicize their expertise among all members of the industry. Like many, she arrived by chance in the industry. After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Commerce and a speciality in marketing, she began her career in a packaging and software company. Read More

Lighting History

Part 2: The Path Behind Was Lit with a Different Light, and the Path Ahead May Be Too

By Owen Hurst
Lighting History We left off Part 1 of this article in the 1950s with the complete adoption of the incandescent bulb. In its prime it was the bulb of choice for residential, industrial, commercial and outdoor use, having beat out older gas lamps, not to mention that the electrical infrastructure was at a point that allowed the complete adoption. However, while national electric infrastructure was a key component in the adoption of the incandescent bulb, it also played a role in its downfall. Read More

New Products and Solutions

LED Mini-Reflector from Philips

LED Mini-Reflector from Philips

Philips' LED mini reflectors provide a dimmable soft white light, an exceptionally long life, and significant energy savings. This LED MR16 flood light is ideal for residential use in kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms, and for commercial use in restaurants and hospitality applications. This bulb is the perfect replacement for the standard incandescent MR16 bulb, and immediately provides the full level of brightness when switched on. Read More
CRIF-4223 LED Cleanroom Recessed Flanged Inset Door Tig Welded

CRIF-4223 LED Cleanroom Recessed Flanged Inset Door Tig Welded

The CRIF series by Certolux is a specification-grade, LED IC-rated recessed flanged inset door luminaire for ISO Class 5 - 8 Cleanrooms. Suitable for 2500psi pressure spray down, the series is a completely sealed unit to minimize insect and vermin infiltration. For use in insulated ceilings. Read More
Contraste's Urbaï - UR4L

Contraste's Urbaï - UR4L

The square adjustable regressed dedicated LED 4-inch trim of the Urbaï recessed LED series made by Contraste is available with the remodeler housing and new construction housings in performance 1 (10W) and performance 2 (15W). The Urbaï collection housings are compatible with 120V and 277V input and two dimming options: ELV and 0-10V.T his trim model is offered with a choice of six lenses or without a lens. Eight trim finishes and three painted reflector finishes are offered to maximize the integration of the product. Read More
Lira RGBW Architectural Spot Light

Lira RGBW Architectural Spot Light

This miniature bracket mount LED spot light for architectural or landscape lighting features Color-Amp (allowing up to three times higher light output in specific colours), a fully sealed body design, an architectural anodized aluminum body, optically clear tempered glass, a leader cable with proprietary moisture blocking design, and more. Options include a colour -changing quad chip LED package (no colour separation), beam angles ranging from 10° to 90° with elliptical distribution options, optical accessories for glare control, and more. Read More

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