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Control and Automation are an integral part of our future and our past

Control and automation are terms that have been increasingly used in recent years, and continue to be a source of ambiguity regarding their full implementation. In this initial issue we consider the advantages of automation for packaging and palletizing, how system integration has changed the way operators proceed, the Mystery that is IIoT and we take a look back at the infancy of automation and an early advocate for its applications in manufacturing. Panel Builder & Systems Integrator will deliver the latest in news and developments within the control and automation sectors in Canada and abroad. We also welcome the contributions of our industry experts in Canada, if you have an article idea or contributive effort we compel you to share that knowledge with the industry. Good reading!

Owen Hurst
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Eclipse Eclipse Automation Expands in Cambridge and Hires Over 100 Employees to Support Record Growth
Eclipse Automation has announced the opening of a new facility in Cambridge, Ontario and the addition of over 120 high skilled team members this year to accommodate rapid growth…
Rittal Rittal Systems Canada Awarded the Integrated Marketing Award of Excellence from Electro-Federation Canada
Rittal Systems Canada has received Electro-Federation Canada‘s Integrated Marketing Excellence award in the under $50 million category. Through an integrated marketing program, including digital advertising, print media, social media, direct mail, special promos, and industry events, introducing Rittal’s revolutionary, energy-saving Blue e+ cooling systems…
Turck Turck Chartwell is Now Turck Canada Inc.
Turck acquires remaining 50% interest in Turck Chartwell Canada Inc. Markham, Ontario. Effective October 2, 2017, Turck has acquired the remaining 50% interest in Turck Chartwell Canada Inc. and thus is 100% owner of the new subsidiary. In January 2018, the Company name will become Turck Canada Inc. The automation specialist initially acquired the first 50% interest in its long term Canadian sales partner Chartwell Automation Inc...
  • Global Delegates Meet at Automation Conference in Windsor, Ontario
    A number of Windsor's business leaders had a chance to show off their latest developments in automation. More than 300 delegates attended the second annual "Emerging Technologies in Automation Conference" at Caesars Windsor. Business analysts suggest automation is the way of the future, and the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation says it's necessary to be competitive in today's manufacturing world.…

  • Precision Drilling Accelerates Automation of Drilling Rigs
    The Calgary-based driller's new technology is still in beta testing, but the company rolled out new process automation controls and other emerging technologies on 20 of its rigs, which drilled 70 wells in the quarter. Precision president and CEO Kevin Neveu said in a release the new technology is working and “the results continue to show improved efficiency…

  • Emerson Confirms Private Offer Made to Rockwell Automation
    Emerson has confirmed that it made a private offer to Rockwell Automation proposing a combination of the two companies. The proposal was rejected by Rockwell Automation and no discussions are currently ongoing between the two companies…

  • Schneider Electric and CNBC Launch New Series: IoT: Powering the Digital Economy
    CNBC has announced it has teamed up with a leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric, to create a brand new technology show, IOT: Powering the Digital Economy, which debuted on 24th October…

  • Preparing Canada's Road Transportation System for Connectivity and Automation
    Connectivity and automation are creating new possibilities for innovation to enhance the capacity and competitiveness of Canada's transportation system. Enabled by powerful information technologies, smart infrastructure, and new sources of data, connected and automated vehicles will have far reaching impacts on trade, transportation, and the economy as a whole over the coming decades...

  • Federal Government and Alberta Invest in Clean Technology
    Canadians will benefit from a healthier environment and new business opportunities created across Canada thanks to the federal and provincial funding announced today for clean technology development...

  • The Time is Here to Prepare for Work in the Age of Automation
    Automation is going to bring many changes to the job market over the next 10 years, but some experts believe that if employees are educated for the new reality, it won't be as disruptive as one might think…

  • Kontrol Energy to Offer Distributed Energy Solutions with Blockchain Technology
    Kontrol Energy Corp. through its operating division Kontrol Technologies Inc., is integrating its real-time energy management system, the Kontrol EMS, with Blockchain technology. The traditional utility model of centralized power plants is changing as consumers demand greater access to sustainable energy solutions…

  • Eaton Receives NECA ShowStopper Award for Its Distributed LV Power System
    Eaton's distributed low-voltage power system was one of the winners of a ShowStopper Award at the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) conference in Seattle this October. See the list for other winners…

  • B&R Tracking Vibrations and Environmental Conditions in Control Cabinets
    With three new I/O modules in its X20 series, B&R makes control cabinet monitoring easier than ever. All three modules measure temperature and humidity in the control cabinet and log how much time the values spend within defined ranges. This allows critical environmental conditions to be evaluated later on. The modules also log operating hours and power cycles internally...

  • Rittal Systems Canada Certified as Great Place to Work for Fifth Consecutive Year
    Rittal Systems Ltd., is being certified as a Great Workplace in Canada after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Canada. This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about the workplace experience...

  • 2017 Navigator Research Report: Panel Builder & Systems Integrator
    Kerrwil Publications Limited has released its first new Navigator Report, which is based on proprietary research and detailed analysis on the evolution of the Panel Builder and Systems Integration segments in Canada. Produced for those who supply and participate in the panel building and system integrator segments, this report is a must-read for suppliers and electrical distributors...

RiLine Compact-
The smart Power Distribution system designed for confined spaces.

Rittal Rittal is the leading supplier of reliable power distribution and backup systems for control gear.

The new RiLine Compact is the tested system solution for compact power distribution in enclosures and small control cabinets. Read More

Industry Feature

Automation at the End of the Production Line: Packaging and Palletizing

By Owen Hurst
Packaging and palletizing has become a large part of the control and automation industry, particularly in general manufacturing and the food and beverage industry. This is not surprising as automation of packaging and palletizing can reduce labour costs and save time while increasing productivity. Further, and particular to the food and beverage industry, automation ensures safe and uncontaminated packaging and as we will see can cut costs in other areas of the production process through system integration. Read More

Industry Trends

From the Sensor to the Controller: Reliable Signal Transmission in Confined Spaces

By Jason Philips
The needs of system operators have changed drastically - there is a trend for higher packing density in the control cabinet and consequently ever narrower components. With "Termitrab complete", Phoenix Contact is now launching the world's narrowest surge protection for MCR technology (measurement, control, and regulation) - the narrowest devices are just 3.5 mm wide (Figure 1 High safety for persons and the environment - ensured by a comprehensive surge protection with minimal space requirements). Read More


The Mystery of Industrial IoT

By Ivan Romanow
Fewer than two percent of executives at large organizations say their companies have a clear vision of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), with implementation well underway. That is according to a new report by consultancy Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, working in partnership with The CMO Council, Penton's IoT Institute, and The Nerdery. The study, The Impact of Connectedness on Competitiveness, is based on a global survey of 350 executives from large enterprises. It found that more than half (52%) of executive’s at large enterprises expect IIoT to have a 'significant' or "major" impact on their industry within three years, with another third (32%) forecasting a "moderate" impact in that timeframe. Read More

Aztec Aztec Electrical Supply has just launched its new FACTORY AUTOMATION HANDBOOK. Its Canada’s first fully e-commerce enabled functional catalogue and allows easy ordering, easy referencing and searching on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Read More


Eplan Cogineer: Simply Automating Engineering

ALTTEXT The Eplan Cogineer is a a new solution that is quite different than other solutions in electrical engineering, where the handling and use of existing data is explicitly welcomed and completely supported. A decisive practical benefit while simultaneously easy to get started using: Eplan users can directly access their existing macros and macro libraries and use these as a foundation to map product structures, develop rule sets, and store variants of their products or machines. In addition, the system is seamlessly integrated into the Eplan Platform. Rule sets are defined in Designer, one of the two functional areas. Functional units composed of Eplan macros and the corresponding configuration variables form so-called macro typicals. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Hammond Manufacturing: A Century of Service

By Owen Hurst
This year Hammond Manufacturing is celebrating 100 years as a Canadian family run company. The business was founded as O.S. Hammond and Son in 1917 in Guelph, Ontario. The company has since expanded to include international manufacturing and distribution facilities but the headquarters and its primary manufacturing location still reside in Guelph. Hammond began with the manufacturing of tube radio sets, battery charges and other related products. Read More

Looking Back

The Idea that Was Automation and Disproving Early Misconceptions

By Owen Hurst
Recently, while doing research, I came across an interesting article that forced me to stop and consider how insightful the article was when we consider the current application of automation on the manufacturing industry. The article titled "The Scope of Automation" by S. Moos was originally published in the Economic Journal in 1957. In the article Moos defends the growth of automation against a rising tide of negative opinion and narrow-minded consideration of its applications. Read More

Product News

ABB Automation Builder

ABB Automation Builder is the integrated software suite for machine builders and system integrators wanting to automate their machines and systems in a productive way. Combining the tools required for configuring, programming, debugging and maintaining automation projects from a common intuitive interface, Automation Builder addresses the largest single cost element of most of today's industrial automation projects: software. Read More

Wieland Push in Terminals

Built according to an effective and comprehensive concept, including compact design and high-performance contact technology, fasis WTP reduces installation time and keeps inventory costs to a minimum. Read More

Danfoss VLT Automation Drives

The VLT AutomationDrive is designed for variable speed control of all asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors. It comes in a standard version (FC 301) and an advanced high dynamic version (FC 302) with additional functionalities. It helps save energy, increase flexibility, reduce costs related to spare parts and servicing, and optimize process control on any industrial machine or production line. Read More

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