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Welcome to 2018

The holidays are over and for most of us that means back to the grind and of course a new year of industry trends and directions. In this issue read the final part of John Boville's article on IIoT Asset Performance Management and about new optimism for the protection and sustainability of the oil and gas industry. And while looking ahead at the new year read the perspectives of Liam Lawrence, a MASc Control Systems student, who provides some perspectives on the industry as he begins his path to a career in control. Also, while looking forward take a minute to think about how you have, do and would like to receive industry news by answering our industry input survey. Cheers!

Owen Hurst
Managing Editor

Changing Scene

  • Generational Change at Pilz
    At the end of 2017, Renate Pilz is leaving her active role in the Pilz Management Board. She hands over the management of the company to her two children, Susanne Kunschert and Thomas Pilz, with whom she has been leading the company for 10 years. As such, Pilz remains a family business...

  • Schneider Electric Brings Big Data and IoT to Data Centers with EcoStruxure IT
    Schneider Electric has announced EcoStruxure IT, the first Data Center Management as a Service architecture. EcoStruxure IT revolutionizes DCIM by delivering a cloud-based architecture purpose-built for hybrid IT and data center environments. The vendor-agnostic architecture delivers a new standard for proactive insights on critical assets that impact the health and availability of an IT environment...

  • ABB and Formula E Partner to Write the Future of E-Mobility
    ABB and Formula E are teaming up in a ground-breaking partnership to champion e-mobility for a sustainable future. Since its first race in Beijing in September 2014, Formula E has established itself as the number one all-electric international motor sport. In the next level of development, global pioneering technology leader ABB is bringing its name and innovation and technology leadership to the series, which will be now known as the "ABB FIA Formula E Championship." ...

  • ABB and Formula E Partner to Write the Future of E-Mobility
    The global PLC market, which comprises of Nano PLC, Small PLC, Medium PLC, Large PLC, Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), Software, and Services, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% from 2016 to 2021 and reach $13,145.1 million by 2021…

  • E.B. Horsman & Son to Acquire Intec Controls Inc
    E.B. Horsman & Son, the largest independently owned full-line electrical distributor in Western Canada, and Intec Controls Inc. have announced today that both companies have agreed to a transaction in which E.B. Horsman & Son will acquire Intec Controls...

  • Ontario Enhancing Workplace Health and Safety
    Ontario is enhancing protection for workers by increasing the maximum fines for individuals and businesses that don't meet workplace health and safety standards. As of December 14, 2017, the maximum fines for an offence under the Occupational Health and Safety Act increased from...

RiLine Compact- Rittal's smart power distribution system
ALT Rittal, the leading supplier of reliable power distribution and backup systems, introduces the new RiLine Compact system for compact power distribution in enclosures and small control cabinets. Read More

Download the RiLine Compact brochure today!

Industry News

  • ABB Confirmed as the #1 in Distributed Control Systems Globally
    ABB remains the number one in the market for distributed control systems (DCS) globally, as confirmed by the "Distributed Control Systems Global Market 2016-2021" report issued by ARC Advisory Group. ABB has effectively maintained its market-leading position since 1999, according to ARC's research analysts...

  • Eaton Simplifies Home Automation to Help Builders and Contractors
    Power management company Eaton has announced that the company will be educating builders and contractors about the booming smart home device market at the International Builders' Show. Industry research shows that the global market for these devices - not including major appliances - is expected to be $9.4 billion by 2021...

  • Mining Businesses Identify IoT as Essential to Gaining Competitive Edge
    Businesses in the mining industry are backing the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them retain their market share, as competition in the sector intensifies, the quality of seams decreases and profit margins are put under pressure. According to the latest research from Inmarsat, the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a critical role in helping mining businesses to increase the level of automation and improve production efficiency...

  • Rittal Comments on Data Centre Trends 2018
    The process of digital transformation is in full swing: At least half of global value creation could be digitized by 2021, according to a forecast by market researchers at IDC. Faced with high electricity costs, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to modernize the IT landscape and make data center operations more efficient. The following review of such topics as managed cloud services, edge computing and direct current in the data center shows which technologies are most suitable....

  • Schneider Electric Introduces Security Management Solution that Protects People and Maximizes Productivity
    Schneider Electric has introduced EcoStruxure Security Expert, a new integrated security management solution that provides high performance access control and intrusion detection functionality to ensure the most secure building environment possible. EcoStruxure Security Expert is the latest addition to Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure, its IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open architecture, which delivers end-to-end solutions in six domains of expertise - Power, IT, Building, Machine, Plant and Grid...

  • UNB Researchers Receive $4.3 Million to Develop Smart-Grid Technology
    Scientists in one of Canada's snowiest cities will help a sunny Caribbean island switch to a green energy grid. University of New Brunswick researchers have received $4.3 million from Ottawa and Emera Inc. — the parent company of Barbados Light & Power Co. — to develop potentially breakthrough renewable energy technology...

  • Renate Pilz Named "Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017"
    The digital transformation is one of the greatest challenges of companies today. Renate Pilz, Managing Director of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, has recognised the importance of digitalisation at an early stage and led the company into the digital age. That was why she was awarded the accolade of "Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017" in the German Historical Museum in Berlin this year...

ALT Aztec Electrical Supply has just launched its new FACTORY AUTOMATION HANDBOOK. Its Canada's first fully e-commerce enabled functional catalogue and allows easy ordering, easy referencing and searching on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Read More

Market Feature

How the IIoT Is Delivering on Asset Performance Management, Part 4

By John Boville
Part 1 of this 4-part series introduced ways in which increasing digitization might improve plant operations. Part 2: how IIoT can improve the productivity of reactive, preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance. Part 3: five converging trends. Here in Part 4: how IIoT is already improving operational profitability. Whether you call them advanced PLCs, IIoT-ready PACs, or ePACs, modern controllers are enabling engineers to control their most important risks, whether they are in a process, batch, or hybrid operation: safety/ environmental risk (including cybersecurity risk), reliability risk, efficiency risk, and profitability risk. Read More


Protection & Sustainability for the Industry that Powers the Planet

Every industry faces unique challenges. After years with weak demand and low prices, the oil and gas industry is now seeing trends sparking cautious optimism. Protection of assets in the oil and gas segment is especially important in their "please all, please none" environment. For the foreseeable future, the energy sector will continue to power the world, while taking into consideration the environmental and eco-sustainable factors. Despite uncertainty in the recent past, the security and protection of assets rates among the highest priorities for oil and gas companies Read More


Liam Lawrence: Perspective of a Control Systems MASc Student

Changes are coming hard and fast to the control and automation sectors, obligating a rise in knowledgeable and experienced engineers and integrators. Education is the path to ensuring the technological advances continue and are properly implemented and as such Panel Builder & Systems Integrator turned to a control systems student at the University of Waterloo. Liam Lawrence is in first year of work on his MASc, Control Systems and has provided a fresh perspective from someone new to the field. Read More

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Industry Input Survey Results

Results from Last Issue

Our last question was sponsored by Kymera Systems, a contributor to the editorial content of Panel Builder & Systems Integrator. In order to better provide content that is interesting to our readers we asked what topic you would most like to read about: Automation, SCADA, PLC's or IIoT Security. We had promising results across the board, however Automation dominated with 40% of respondents identifying that they are most intersted in reading topics that are boradly focused on automation. SCADA came in second with 21% of the vote followed closely by IIoT Security with 19%. PLC's came in last with 17% of the vote. The focus on automation is not overly surprising when considering the current drive for automation technology, however with current issues surrounding IIoT Security it is interesting that it was edged out by SCADA. Read More

Product News

Moxa's Protocol Gateways to Connect Modbus Devices

Manufacturers Automation has announced that Moxa launched MGate 5103 and MGate 5111 industrial protocol gateways enable fast and easy protocol conversions between Modbus devices and PROFINET/PROFIBUS-based SCADA systems and PLCs. These stand-alone protocol gateways also allow a distributed network architecture that maximizes flexibility and scalability. In addition, they also extend the lifetime of field devices, consequently reducing costs. Read More

Emerson SolaHD Redundancy Modules Protect Against Critical Power Failures in Harsh Industrial Systems

Emerson has launched an innovative new line of power supply redundancy modules delivering more operational reliability than competitors' modules, and ensuring additional protection against critical power failures in hazardous locations and harsh industrial environments. Read More

Phoenix Contact Expanded Range of Power Supplies

Phoenix Contact's TRIO POWER family now has a wider range of voltage options, as well as power supplies for maritime and 12 V NEC Class 2 applications. The new additions ensure reliable power in the same space-saving design as other TRIO models. The expanded TRIO POWER range includes voltage options from 12 to 48 V DC and other current variations. Read More

Wieland Programmable Safety Controller Digital Interface I/O Modules

The SP-DIO84 for samos PRO compact features modular extendibility and provides an inexpensive digital interface. This module expands the safety control system samos PRO compact with standard inputs and outputs. Non-safety-related automation tasks can now be realized efficiently and cost-optimized. With the new standard, I/O modules SP-DIO84 standard automation tasks can now be achieved cost-effectively by samos PRO COMPACT. This module can be used as an inexpensive, digital universal interface to a higher-level PLC or to optical displays. Read More

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