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The Summer Ahead Looks Bright

After attending Hannover Messe 2018 earlier this month I can definitively say that the future is bright, and I don't just mean that the weather is finally turning nice. The technology already in use and that which is soon to hit the market is truly revolutionizing and expanding the automation and control market. Control systems are taking automation to new levels that are making the industry a more efficient and safe place to work. In this issue read about VFD's and Controls installed by Eaton to achieve optimal energy efficiency, and the most recent article by Phoenix Contact on the use of their SafetyBridge technology. Another topic, and one that was heavily discussed at Hannover Messe 2018 was cyber-security, so be sure to download CSA's new whitepaper on Protecting Industrial Control Systems for Advanced Cyber Threats. And finally, be sure to sign up for Rittal's upcoming webinar on Enclosure Specification Best Practices for Lower Costs and Greater Efficiency to be sure you rea selecting the proper enclosure for your needs and budget. Enjoy!

Owen Hurst
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

  • Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Machine Advisor Maximizes the Value of Data for OEMs
    Amid rapid digitization of manufacturing, machine builders (OEMs) need to provide a better service to improve their customers' agility and market responsiveness. Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today presents EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, a platform that allows OEMs to Track, Monitor and Fix machines remotely, and pass significant benefits to operators.

  • Rockwell Automation and McRae Integration Collaborate to Deliver More to Brewers
    Brewers of all sizes want to compete in today's dynamic market and need simple, standardized operations that can deliver quality brews and keep up with complex consumer demand. Rockwell Automation and McRae Integration, a Rockwell Automation Solution Partner and member of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program, are leveraging their combined strengths to help serve this growing automation market for brewers.

  • Apollo Electric & Control Seizes Opportunity
    On Sept. 25, Apollo Electric & Controls, an new electrical company, fired up in Estevan. The outfit is run by partners Trevor Dutka and Jim Schlamp, who have joined up with the partners behind Estevan Meter Services Ltd. to create a sister company. Apollo works out of Estevan Meter's building on the east side of Estevan.

  • Omron Canada Inc. Recognized for Putting Technology in Students' Hands at Georgian College
    An important part of applied learning is having students hone their skills in the classroom using the tools they will encounter in the workforce. For more than 20 years, Omron Canada Inc. has been helping Georgian College students to learn manufacturing processes on the latest industry equipment.

  • Hanna Joins HARTING as Territory Sales Manager for Ontario
    Peter Hanna, HARTING's new Territory Sales Manager for Ontario, is leveraging an extensive background in HVAC design and sales to help customers adopt the company's industrial connectivity, edge computing and other advanced solutions. His appointment enhances the company's ability to provide personal support in the country's largest market at a time when HARTING is introducing exciting new technologies for increasing productivity in both conventional and Industry 4.0/IoT production environments.

  • Melissa Cook Joins Hammond Manufacturing as Customer Service Representative
    Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited is pleased to announce and welcome Melissa Cook as Customer Service Representative for Hammond's Canadian Rack and Cabinet Group. Melissa fills the vacancy left by Christine Walker, when she moved to work with Hammond Electronics.

  • CSIA announces the release of version 5.0 of the Best Practices and Benchmarks Manual
    The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) is pleased to announce the release of the Best Practices and Benchmarks Manual v 5.0. The CSIA Best Practices and Benchmarks Manual is the industry standard for successful management of a control system integration business. It is also the cornerstone of the CSIA Certification program and the tool against which the audit for Certification is measured.

  • Rittal Webinar: Enclosure Specification Best Practices for Lower Costs and Greater Utility
    Not all enclosures are created equal. Rittal understands that it can be overwhelming to sift through the information to make the right purchasing recommendations and decisions. Attend Rittal's upcoming webinar that will guide you through the key considerations when specifying a new industrial enclosure. The webinar will be presented by Training Supervisor Steve Sullivan of Rittal and will detail the differences between truly modular and unibody welded enclosures and address the considerations that should be made when specifying an enclosure in order to achieve better utility and lower overall cost of ownership. REGISTER HERE

  • Industrial Internet of Things Adoption and Digitization Ignite Centrifugal Pumps Industry
    The North American centrifugal pumps market is witnessing a renaissance with the adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digitization, and next-gen prognosis offering significant growth opportunities and paving the way for smart pumps. The Industrial Automation and Process Control team at Frost & Sullivan expects to see a focus on developing energy-efficient solutions and analytical strategies to cater to end-users' demand for actionable insights.

  • At Hannover Messe 2018, Schneider Electric Showcased Solutions for Powering and Digitizing Industry
    Augmented reality, IoT, IIoT,1 predictive maintenance, digital twins…. These smart manufacturing technologies are making companies more efficient and innovative, boosting their competitive advantage. Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, will be showcasing its latest innovations for industrial companies at Hannover Messe 2018.

  • HARTING Roadshow Truck visits Alberta, British Columbia in May, Central Canada in July
    HARTING's Roadshow, a mini-tradeshow on wheels, will be visiting customer locations in Alberta and British Columbia next month. The truck will be in British Columbia from May 14-18, then cross over the Rockies to Alberta from May 22-25. Come the summer, the Roadshow also is scheduled to visit locations in Ontario and Quebec in July. The Roadshow truck features the latest HARTING innovations in industrial, small form factor and board-level connectivity, Ethernet switches and RFID.

  • Rockwell Automation Simplifies Analytics for Industrial Productivity
    Industrial organizations must be able to quickly identify ways to tighten production schedules and maximize revenue. Gaining insight into operations and production capabilities to make informed decisions has often involved time-intensive IT projects and a highly specialized skillset. Rockwell Automation has expanded its FactoryTalk Analytics portfolio, a robust advanced analytics environmentthat empowers users with the ability to quickly and confidently make informed decisions.

  • Winners of Best Workplaces 2018
    Canadian Companies recognized as Best Workplaces 2018. This year there is an impressive list of recognized companies including Phoenix Contact, Rittal, True North Automation, Peer group, JMP Engineering, Cadence, Electromate, 3M Canada, LMI Technologies, SAP Canada and a number of other industry related companies. Congrats to all the recipients.

Don't sweat it! Keep enclosures & equipment cool, save big on energy & costs!
ALT This summer, there's a perfect way to prevent those enclosures and sensitive equipment from over-heating. Get the special promo prices on Rittal's CSA-approved air conditioners and fans, backed by Rittal's industry-leading technology and innovation, and save on enclosure cooling costs and energy. Read More

Market Featue

Eaton: Variable Frequency Drives Enhance Energy Efficiency at Greenhouse Waste Recycling Plant

Sponsored by Eaton
In today's market operational efficiency is essential. Whether it be upgrades to aging infrastructure or the application of new products into a modern facility there is a market wide drive to ensure that facilities are energy efficient and have proper control infrastructure. The push for efficiency has gone beyond the narrow consideration of manufacturing to incorporate a wide array of facilities that utilize modern machinery and control systems. The current case study identifies the value of VFD's in operations that perform multiple tasks that require varying motor speeds, as well as ensuring optimal energy efficiency and operational performance. Read More

Case Study

Phoenix Contact: Use of SafetyBridge Technology in Plastic Production

By Simon Davis
If safety control systems have to be integrated in large-scale applications, specialised know-how is typically required. Only like that all relevant requirements can be considered completely so that the machine operators are reliably protected against dangerous situations. Solutions like SafetyBridge Technology prove to be advantageous: It combines the simplicity of a configurable system with the benefits of I/O modules distributed within the automation network. The American chemical group The Chemours Company is one of the world leaders in titanium technologies as well as in fluoroproducts, and chemical solutions. Read More

Hannover Messe 2018 Report

Hannover Messe 2018 Closing Report: Man, Machine & Fist Bumps

German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mexican President Peña Nieto set the tone on day one of the HANNOVER MESSE/CeMAT double-header. Asked to shake hands with a robot, they both went for the more casual fist bump - a symbol for the relaxed, natural interaction of humans with digitization, robots and machine learning. "Technology is not about competing with us humans; it's about assisting us. That is the core message conveyed by this trade fair, which has again underscored Hannover's reputation as a global hotspot for the digital transformation of industry," said Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe, at the close of HANNOVER MESSE and CeMAT. Read More


Protecting Industrial Control Systems From Advanced Cyber Threats

CSA Group
As the industrial and manufacturing sectors continue the shift from centralized to decentralized operations, the world of production as we know it will change completely. This new era, commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, is characterized by—smart manufacturing processes where a plethora of intelligent machines, systems, and networks independently exchange and respond to information to manage production. When it comes to industrial control systems, cybersecurity evaluation becomes a necessary extension of functional safety. Only when both of these evaluations are combined can an organization get a complete picture of the safety and security of its ICS. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Kymera Systems, Experts in IIoT and Automation Systems

Kymera Systems is located in Leduc, Alberta and provides scalable IIoT solutions and the design, installation and maintenance of automation systems. They have developed a strong relationship with clients in the Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Power Generation, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Industrial processes sectors. Panel Builder & Systems Integrator had the opportunity to ask Kymera Systems about their company and the services they provide... Read More

Industry Input Poll

Insights for Your Industry

Survey results in the next issue along with a new question Panel Builder & Systems Integrator is seeking your input on the state of the Canadian automation and contol market, each week we ask a new question about the industry and the companies working within it.

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Industry Input Poll Results

Results from Last Issue

For the first time in our polling of the automation and control market we have had a perfect divide among respondents. It is quite interesting that an even divide has occurred considering the broad responses and the manner in which they predict the future of the industry. Most interesting is perhaps the fact that 25% of respondents identified having no extended plan for their business, while 75% had a long-term plan, although that plan obviously differs according to each company. We can however clearly identify that 50% of companies are planning to expand if we consider internal expansions and potential acquisitions. We can also infer that if a company has no long-term plan for consolidation it is unlikely they will undertake this option as consolidation often results from slowing business, and without identifying this it is likely they will maintain their business or allow for organic unpanned growth. However, with 75% having a defined plan, regardless of its direction we see business that are largely in touch with the industry and are adapting their business models to address their position within the industry. Read More

Product News

Beckhoff Releases New EtherCAT Terminals for Mains Monitoring, Process Control and Power Monitoring

Beckhoff Automation has introduced new EL34x3 series EtherCAT Terminals for advanced power measurement and mains monitoring. Energy management for machine operation and the energy industries creates a wide range of demands, starting with basic monitoring of the supply network and process control to high-end power monitoring.The new EtherCAT I/O terminals from Beckhoff answer exactly these demands. This makes an even broader range of EtherCAT Terminals available with extensive scalability in terms of price and performance. Read More

PILZ: New Safety Gate Monitoring Units

Pilz is expanding the safety gate system PSENslock to include two new product types: one type offers expanded diagnostic functions, while the other type enables OSSD outputs (Output Signal Switching Device) to be switched independently from the guard locking device. PSENslock provides safety gate monitoring with electromagnetic process guarding for gates, flaps and covers in one compact product.
The new type with expanded diagnostic function provides an additional benefit, particularly in application areas in which several PSENslock are used. Read More

Phoenix Contact: PROFINET cloud solutions

Thanks to PROFINET cloud solutions, you can add cloud services to your existing PROFINET network. This lets you directly see the benefits of Proficloud, e.g. for remote applications or when using services such as monitoring, reporting, calculating or predictive maintenance. Proficloud is an open IoT system, with which you can create the right solution for every application. This could be cloud-based data acquisition, analysis, or a complete automation concept. Read More

ABB: Modular Automation for future process plants

Moving from monolithic automation systems for complete production plant to modular-enabled, more flexible and service oriented plug and produce automation solutions will allow faster process implementation, ability to scale the capacity by numbering up and down the production and improved capability and speed of product changes. Read More

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