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Message From The Editor

How Do You Define Yourself?

The Automation and Control Industry in Canada is changing from the inside out. Look at the results from our last Industry Input Poll to view how Canadian firms identify themselves within the market. Things are changing and companies are striving to define themselves within the industry. What really defines your company? Are you a system integrator? Panel Builder? Machine Builder? Or a combination? And how will the future further meld these fields? Panel Builder & Systems Integrator is working to define the Canadian market and needs your help. Follow the link below and give us your one sentence description of how you define these roles and your predictions on how they will alter the Canadian Automation and Control Industry in the years to come. Provide your input HERE

Owen Hurst
Managing Editor


Changing Scene

  • HARTING Identifies Six Major Trends in Building IIoT infrastructure
    Six key trends are driving HARTING's development program for the cyber-physical control infrastructure needed for advanced manufacturing. HARTING's strategy, outlined by Jon DeSouza, President and CEO of HARTING Americas to guests at the company's Open House at EDS Summit 2018 in Las Vegas this week, covers the company's solutions for the digital production environment...

  • FRABA Group celebrates 100th Birthday with Strong Financial Performance and Market Growth
    The international FRABA Group, which is about to mark the 100th anniversary of its founding, has enjoyed a year of significant growth in sales and profitability. In fiscal 2017 (ending December 31) turnover increased by 21.5% over the previous year, with total sales revenues of € 31.5 million. Growth has been driven by strong performance of the Group's two product-oriented business units: POSITAL (industrial position/motion sensors) and VITECTOR (safety/security systems for large motorized doors)...

  • Festo Adds Graybar as its Technical Distributor for Atlantic Canada
    Graybar Canada has entered into a partnership with Festo Canada to serve as its technical distributor for the four Atlantic provinces, where it serves the industrial marketplace from 18 branch offices. We look forward to leveraging Graybar's considerable technical knowhow on behalf of our customers - and theirs - to provide the best possible service and support in the region," says Roger Hallett, President & CEO of Festo Canada...

  • Experience Balluff Automation in Action!
    Walk through the Balluff Demo Van to see the latest automation solutions. See it at 3 Phase Power Systems on Thursday, April 5, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m...

  • PHOENIX CONTACT CANADA Recognized as One of Canada's Best Workplaces 2018
    PHOENIX CONTACT CANADA is proud to announce that it has been recognized once again as being amongst Canada's Best Workplaces. This is the 5th time the Company has won this achievement placing 22nd on the list of companies to receive this recognition. We congratulate all our employees who consistently contribute in creating our great workplace...

  • Bosch Rexroth Canada offers free Automation Resource Kits
    Bosch Rexroth Canada offers free Automation Resource Kits at, providing useful, technical information and advice on a variety of engineering and automation-related topics. The kits currently offered include: Lean Production and Automation Insights, Linear Motion & Mechatronics @ Work, Advancing Factory Automation, Hydraulics Performance and Mobile Hydraulics Solutions. Kits are free of charge and are delivered on a 2-GB flash drive...

  • Roots Moving to New Integrated Distribution Centre to Support Accelerated Long-Term Growth
    Roots has announced it plans to move to a new 209,000 square foot multi-channel distribution centre ("DC") to support the Company's accelerated long-term growth and drive operating efficiencies. The new DC will be supported by a tier one Warehouse Management System, as well as enhanced technology and increased levels of automation, all of which is expected to improve speed, productivity and throughput at the DC...

  • ABB Earns Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan for Digital Grid Communications
    ABB was honored with the coveted 2018 North American Company of the Year Award at Frost & Sullivan's recent Growth, Innovation & Leadership Awards Gala in San Diego, California, on March 6th, based on its successful implementation of the company's growth strategy with wireless communication products, including its ABB Ability platform and private wireless mesh networks...

  • EPLAN Data Portal Update May 2018
    Since May 16th, in addition to revised and updated data we are very pleased to announce 2 new partners…

  • Dynamysk Announces the Opening of their New Office in Grande Prairie, Alberta
    Dynamysk Automation Ltd. is excited to announce the opening of our branch office in Grande Prairie, Alberta. This is a commitment to our customers, the community and surrounding areas of Grande Prairie to deliver effective engineering and field service solutions. Each project executed by Dynamysk is regarded with the utmost due diligence, safety and pride of workmanship...

  • HARTING Honors its Distribution Partners at Annual Awards Ceremony
    With HARTING enjoying an extended run of double-digit year-over-year sales increases in the Americas, the company took time at the EDS 2018 Summit to announce its annual honors for its leading distributors in recognition of their exceptional support. Each of the awards honors a distinct achievement...

International News

  • Czech Potato Starch Maker Uses ABB Ability to Streamline Production
    The delivery consists of the Distributed Control System (DCS) 800xA, 14 induction and vortex flowmeters and 23 frequency converters. ABB products help in automation, measurement and drive control of a production line that separates proteins from tuber juice in potato starch manufacturing. The value of the first delivery amounts to CZK several dozens of millions. This delivery marks an important entry of ABB's advanced automation into the food & beverage segment...

  • CSIA Holds Record-Breaking 2018 Executive Conference in San Francisco
    A record-breaking, 599 system integration industry professionals from 16 different countries attended the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Executive Conference in San Francisco, April 24-27. The Executive Conference featured 26 workshops and sessions, as well as several special events including the third annual CSIA Fun Run/Walk, area tours, the annual Industry Expo, and the Awards Dinner...

  • State-of-the-Art Engineering Lab Opens at North Central College with Funding from Omron Foundation
    The Omron Foundation has provided funding for the construction of a cutting-edge engineering laboratory at North Central College that opened this month. The new Omron Design and Automation Lab will give North Central College students many chances to work with technologies currently used in the automation industry...

Market Feature

How Can You Take Full Advantage of IIoT?

By Will Mapp
The world today is in what can be best described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or more commonly known as Industry 4.0. Also going by the name of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the industrial world has already seen the implementation of various Cloud technologies and an increased rate in automation, the likes of which were not in past years. This trend is not rising at a steady rate, but it is accelerating. In a research conducted by the IDC, it was determined that the worldwide spending on various IoT technologies in 2017 was around $674 billion. Read More

Focus on Safety

Panduit: Automating Safety Solutions Since 1955

By Owen Hurst
Panduit is all about connectivity and has been a driving force behind this for over 60 years. Working within the manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, and energy sectors, to name but a few, Panduit is working to ensure each of the sectors has comprehensive, stable infrastructure solutions. The solutions offered by Panduit provide physical, electrical and network infrastructure that are leading their clients into the future. Not only are they providing system solutions but have a strong focus on developing connected safety options designed to protect equipment and workers. Read More

Around the World

How to design cost-effective EMC filtering for electrical/electronic equipment

By Keith Armstrong
The whitepaper, by global EMC specialist Keith Armstrong, offers guidance on choosing the correct specifications and style of a filter. Armstrong states that the guidance is akin to taking "anti-Murphy" precautions — referring to the adage that "anything that can go wrong will go wrong". The advice aims to pre-empt Murphy's Law from affecting filters, through better specification in the design process. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Bruce Matthews: New Chief Executive Officer at Consulting Engineers of Ontario

By Owen Hurst
Engineers play a key role in the advancement of our infrastructure and the development and implementation of innovative technology, including the rising wave of smart technology that is now changing how we live at home and in public. Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) play a key role in these developments. Recently Bruce Matthews was appointed as the new Chief Executive officer of CEO. Panel Builder & Systems Integrator had a chance to ask Bruce a little about himself, his role with the CEO and the importance engineers play in the advancement of new technology and infrastructure. Read More

Industry Input Poll

Insights for Your Industry

Poll results in the next issue along with a new question

Survey results in the next issue along with a new question Panel Builder & Systems Integrator is seeking your input on the state of the Canadian automation and contol market, each week we ask a new question about the industry and the companies working within it.

In your opinion is Canada currently postitioned to become a leader in Control and Automation infrastructure in the coming years?

1) Yes
2) No

Industry Input Poll Results

Results from Last Issue

In the last issues we asked our audience what best describes their company? We provided a broad range of possibilities as automation and control has created an interesting market mix of companies that include niche specialists and companies with broader expertise or specified departments. The goal was to gain insight into how companies identify their position within this mix and to further identify our audience. The highest return rate was at 28% and was identified by companies that identify themselves as specified System Integrators. Notable the second highest grouping (18%) came from Specialist Wholesalers with Panel Building and System Integration Services. This identifies a particular area of interest and shifting in the traditional role of the wholesaler. Those identifying as Panel Builders and Machine Builder specifically came in rather low, but not surprisingly as much higher numbers were returned by companies that identify themselves as having more than one area of specialization. Canada certainly ahs interesting and shifting automation and control industry that is reshaping traditional industry boundaries. Read More

Product News

PILZ Safe Rope Pull Switch PSENrope

Whether on the assembly line or machine: where safety in the production area is concerned, the safe rope pull switches PSENrope are a proven, reliable solution. PSENrope devices switch offfunctional processes via manual action. PSENrope provide maximum safety when it matters: the E-STOP function can be triggered at any point along the rope Read More

Balluff's newest universal connector stands up to the harshest of environments

Balluff's new IP69-rated inline universal connector was designed to withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals and pressure wash-down, making it ideal for the harsh environments found in food processing and pharmaceutical applications. This is the latest addition to Balluff's growing catalog of universal connectors. Read More

New Sealing, Cushioning Options Enhance Festo Stainless Steel Cylinders

The latest generation of Festo's popular CRDSNU round stainless steel pneumatic cylinders boasts new variants and installation possibilities for extended and contaminant-free operations. Based on the ISO 6432 standard and ideal for operations in harsh environments or where frequent and effective cleaning is a must, CRDSNU now offers options like an extremely long-life dry running seal as well as self-adjusting end-position cushioning. Read More

Phoenix Contact New headers for ME-10 Housings

The new PCB headers of high-temperature LCP plastic, suitable for THR soldering, are ideally suited for integration into the SMT process. The headers, with pitches of 3.45 mm and 5.0 mm, each feature two or three slots for PCB connectors with pitches of 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm. Read More

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