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Industry Excitement

The warm weather is finally here to stay and has us all excited about summer vacations. But just because we are excited and thinking about time off doesn't mean there aren't also exciting things happening within the industry. In this issue we look at an innovative automation solution for flood control, the potential advantages of modular automation and encourage everyone to attend CSA's webinar this afternoon on cybersecurity and functional safety for industrial control systems. And for those purchasing automation and control components please be sure to take 2 minutes to complete our survey as part of ongoing research into the status of the Canadian automation and control sector.

Owen Hurst
Managing Editor



Phoenix Contact: Modernization of Cross-border Flood Protection System

By Joel Stratemann, Phoenix Contact
Rivierenland, the Dutch water authority, has replaced outdated technology with innovative automation components provided by Phoenix Contact as part of modernization measures. Johan van IJmeren, Senior Project Manager at Waterschap Rivierenland, was involved in the practical implementation. The new devices contribute to cross-border flood protection and also significantly reduce the engineering costs while increasing plant availability... Read More


Plants based on the Lego Principle: Modular Automation with Valve Terminals

By Norbert Franz, Festo
At present, the design and engineering of process plants is precisely tailored to the respective task, whether for the production of a specific product in x units per time unit or for the throughput of a specific substance in x quantity per time unit. The mechanical design of the plant as a whole is geared towards meeting specifications and guaranteeing the required performance data over the projected life cycle of the plant... Read More


Webinar: Breaking Down Cybersecurity and Functional Safety Requirements for Industrial Control Systems

CSA Group
Register NOW for a special webinar being held this afternoon by CSA Group. When a potential breach to an industrial control system (ICS) could impact information, systems, and physical safety, a comprehensive defense strategy that pairs cybersecurity and functional safety is needed. The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, has given way to "smart" production models that help achieve efficiencies and boost performance.. Read More


Changing Scene

International News


New Brewing Production Solution Helps Drive Down Costs, Maintain Quality

Brewing companies that want to succeed in today's crowded market need to manage risk, maintain quality, drive out costs and reduce inefficiencies in their operations. The new FactoryTalk Brew solution from Rockwell Automation can help breweries manage these challenges and gain a competitive edge. The FactoryTalk Brew solution is based on the PlantPAx distributed control system from Rockwell Automation. It enables large brewers to standardize and fully automate production, gain an information platform for reporting and recipe management, and tie together information from the automation layer to the MES layer. Read More

Enclosure Safety

Rittal: Protect Life and Productivity Through Arc Flash Prevention

Arc flash is the explosive release of energy triggered by a phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground short circuit. When an arc flash event occurs, air becomes a conductor and carries electric current with potentially lethal results for workers and equipment. This white paper looks at the dangers and causes of arc flash and what can be done to prevent it in work environments. Knowledge is power and workplace safety is a planned solution, not a lucky accident. Be prepared by downloading the white paper today Read More

Peers & Profiles

Power Quality in the Age of Intergation with Fluke's Hilton Hammond and Frank Healy

As our population grows and consumers continue to rely on technology for both essentials and comfort, the need for power quality has become vital. Fluke is a leader in this field, offering power quality training seminars, as well as employing power quality specialists with years of industry experience. Hilton Hammond has been with Fluke since 1995, and in 2013 moved into his current position as Power Quality Business Unit Manager. He has a deep and thorough knowledge of power quality and related electrical instrumentation. Frank Healy, Power Quality Product Marketing Manager at Fluke since 2006, has been in the industry for well over three decades. He globally manages Fluke's power quality products, including measuring instruments and precision power analyzers. Read More


Panel Builder & Systems Integrator Product Purchasing Survey

Panel Builder & Systems Integrator has begun research into the current state of the Automation and Control Industry in Canada for its 2018 Navigator Research Report due out this fall. With your help we can gain a clear picture of the growth of the industry, as well as trends and directions that dominate the Canadian market. The current survey is only 5 questions and takes an average 2 minutes to complete. Your opinion is highly valued and we look forward to your contribution to providing a comprehensive industry report.

Take the Survey HERE

Product News

Phoenix Contact's QUINT4 DC UPS

Communication-enabled QUINT4 DC UPS for Industrial Ethernet. You know the charging state and remaining lifetime of your energy storage. You are warned about failures at an early stage and have time to prevent them. You can maximize the service life of the energy storage. You can transfer all relevant information to your computer and higher level controllers. Read More

New Economical Festo ELGC/EGSC Drive Series Ideal for Lightweight Applications

Festo is further augmenting its extensive portfolio of electric handling systems with the new ELGC/EGSC drive series, an economical solution for customers requiring high precision in large-volume, lightweight applications. This low-cost series includes ELGC spindle axes and toothed belt axes, EGSC mini-slides as well as axial and parallel kits of ideally paired servo and stepper motors. These drives and mini-slides are well-suited to a wide range of applications such as printed circuit board production, desktop systems, electronics testing, pick and place sampling in medical laboratories or sub-processes like handling, gluing and dispensing, even under cleanroom conditions. Read More

Balluff's Magnetic Mounts Minimize Downtime, Maximize Productivity

Balluff's new magnetic mounts for inductive couplers provide a simple and cost-effective solution for applications that require regular tool or die changes. The mounts, which connect through the use of strong earth magnets, can be easily attached or disengaged allowing for quick changes. "Magnetic mounts make tool or die changing quick and simple with their break-away capability, saving costly downtime in my customers stamping plants," said Kevin Tidwell, key account manager, Balluff Inc. The magnetic mounts are designed for Q40- and M30-style inductive couplers. Read More

Weidmuller Launches OMNIMATE Power Microsite for PCB and Device Engineers

Weidmuller North America has launched the "OMNIMATEPower Microsite" to provide engineers and PCB specifiers with case studies, technical support and specialized products for their high voltage applications. The microsite, at features downloadable whitepapers containing information that device engineers should be aware of when designing drive controllers and regulators, inverters or power supplies. Content is updated periodically to provide new insights and product offerings to frequent visitors. Weidmuller's New OMNIMATE Power Microsite provides engineers and specifiers with helpful tips for designing high power applications Read More

B&R Automation Digital Display Transmission with SDL4

B&R recently introduced the fourth generation of its display transmission technology, Smart Display Link (SDL). SDL4 is based on HDBaseT 2.0 and can span up to 100 meters between the industrial PC and display device. This makes it easy to equip expansive machines and systems with multiple remote HMI panel. An SDL4 converter allows up to three panels to be connected to one Automation PC. A fourth Automation Panel displaying different content can also be operated via an additional SDL4 interface. This is B&R's response to the needs of modern manufacturing systems, which increasingly feature multiple locally-mounted operator panels. Read More

Balluff Simplifies Integration of Serial Devices with IO-Link

A new IO-Link innovative solution effectively ends the trouble of integrating RS232 devices into the automation controls architecture. Designed by Balluff, the RS232 to IO-Link converter module reduces costs and simplifies the controls architecture by offering a unified solution throughout the plant floor. By today's standard, RS232-based devices are seemingly old fashioned, but barcode readers, printers, scanners, torque-guns, and many more devices still predominantly use RS232-data communication. Until now, integration of serial communication devices in a traditional automation arena has been labor intensive and costly. The introduction of the RS232-to-IO-Link interface module changes that. Read More

From Our Last Issue

Driving the Industry Forward: Discussing the Success and Future of Phoenix Contact with Executive Board Member and Chief Technology Officer Roland Bent

Panel Builder & Systems Integrator recently had the opportunity to attend Hannover Messe 2018 to see first hand the future products and solutions being offered within the industry and to learn about the advancements and technology direction of Phoenix Contact. Phoenix Contact is an innovative driver of new technology and solutions that were displayed across an impressive booth that showcased not only new products, but perhaps most interestingly the development of complete control solutions that are revolutionizing the industry. Read More

Digital Twins: Creating Smarter Products On Time and On Budget

To keep pace in the machine design industry, companies require a delicate balance of innovation and an ability to get their products to market on time and on budget. Typically, issues with new designs will become apparent during commissioning, once physical prototypes shed light on oversights and errors. In fact, design issues found during commissioning are often acknowledged as simply the cost of doing business, given that new designs are crucial to the success of many. Read More

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