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Message From The Editor

The summer is quickly coming to an end and with it much of our vacation time, however that doesn’t mean we have nothing to look forward to. In an industry that is advancing as fast as automation and control there is always something exciting on the horizon. Systems Integrators continue to create ever smart control systems as detailed by Joe Matheys of Rockwell Automation. And Siemens has released its restructured outlook for the next two years. And be sure to participate in our industry survey for your chance to win 1 of 5 Phoenix Contact tool kits and to contribute in developing national picture of the industry.

Owen Hurst
Managing Editor

Creating Smarter Systems

How Systems Integrators Can Create Smarter Electrical Control Systems

By Joe Matheys, Rockwell Automation
Industrial companies expect visibility into every aspect of new or upgraded plants, including their electrical control system. Now, the pressure is on integrators to help connect these systems and make their real-time data available to workers. But traditional electrical control systems don't easily integrate into connected operations. These hard-wired systems typically exist separately from a plant's process control system. And their data is often only available in an e-house or substation, meaning workers need to enter potentially hazardous areas to access it. Facing these challenges, more system integrators are choosing to use intelligent packaged power solutions. Read More

Looking Ahead

Siemens Sets Future Course with Vision 2020+

Siemens is setting the course for long-term value creation through accelerated growth and stronger profitability with a simplified and leaner company structure. The main aim of the Vision 2020+ company strategy is to give Siemens' individual businesses significantly more entrepreneurial freedom under the strong Siemens brand in order to sharpen their focus on their respective markets. Plans also call for strengthening the company's growth portfolio through investments in new growth fields such as IoT integration services, distributed energy management and infrastructure solutions for electric mobility. The concentrated expansion of industrial digitalization will make a further contribution. Read More


Connector Focus

Harting: Connectors Outperform Hardwiring for Manufacturers and their Customers

Industrial connectors or hardwiring? More and more machine builders comparing the cost of using both wiring approaches in their operations find connectors more economical and practical. Many thousands of equipment manufacturers have switched from point-to-point (hard) wiring to connector-based cable assemblies in factory and process automation and control systems. Adopting progressive connectivity solutions has improved their unit costs and productivity. It allows them to turn around orders and complete installations much faster. Read More

New Partners

PILZ Canada appoints Systematic Fluid Power Ltd. as a new distribution partner for South-Western Ontario

As a world leader in Safety Automation, we appoint Systematic Fluid Power Ltd. to be our new distribution partner for the South-Western Ontario region. Systematic Fluid Power Ltd. located in Kitchener, specializes in distribution of automation parts and systems along with the newest pneumatic technology. Pilz Canada, continues to grow and gain sound sales momentum in the automation safety industry. Having Systematic Fluid Power as a partner will help us serve the rapidly growing customer base and the demand for our safety products.” says Andreas Sobotta, CEO & General Manager of Pilz. Read More

Changing Scene


International News

  • PILZ: Brexit - Effects on Standards and Certificates
    The accreditation of the British named or notified bodies (Notified Bodies) and the validity of the British EC/EU type examination certificates have not been finally clarified at the point where the EC membership ends.

  • Beckhoff to Showcase New Smart Factory Technologies at Hannover Messe USA 2018
    Beckhoff Automation will highlight the latest smart factory hardware, software, EtherCAT and TSN networking solutions, plus an integrated PC- and EtherCAT-based CNC platform at the inaugural Hannover Messe USA 2018 trade show in Chicago.

  • IFS: Positive Outlook for Digital Transformation
    IFS surveyed 200 industrial executives on their budget plans for digital transformation, to find out how much companies are budgeting and what they are spending their money on. Download the entire study for deep insights into the state of the industry.File Information

Aztec Aztec Electrical Supply has just launched its new FACTORY AUTOMATION HANDBOOK.

It's Canada's first fully e-commerce enabled functional catalogue and allows easy ordering, easy referencing and searching on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Read More



Company Certification

Emerson Certifies Spartan Controls to Deliver Highest Level of Customer Support

Emerson awarded Spartan Controls today with the status of Emerson Impact Partner representing the company's highest level of customer support. Spartan and associated Emerson Impact Partner Network companies will operate as locally-accessible, singular points of contact for leveraging the full breadth of Emerson integrated solutions and expertise. The 21 current Emerson Impact Partner companies were awarded this status through a rigorous certification process of their facilities, procedures, engineers and local service professionals, as well as a demonstrated ability to support customer process optimization and performance improvement programs. Read More

IT Solutions

Rittal: Edge in a Box, Preconfigured IT Solutions

Edge in a Box (EiB) enables a simple, quick and cost-effective way to build and deploy small to medium scale data centres at the network edge. It is the ideal solution for financial firms, small offices, retail co-sharing office space where the Data Centre can be shared as a value-added service, Industrial IT spaces, Disaster Recovery and local government offices. The EiB solution is designed to facilitate the pre-installation of IT equipment by the end-user, partner or integrator prior to shipment. It is ideal for Edge and IoT applications where deployment speed, reliability and security is paramount. Read More

Project Completion

Cybertech Automation Concludes 12-Year SIS Upgrade for Major Oil & Gas Company

This summer, Cybertech celebrated the successful conclusion of a major SIS upgrade program for a client that began in 2006. The scope and length of the project required a significant team of both Cybertech and client resources. Gathered recently to celebrate the completion, past and present team members recalled the countless challenges met - and friendships forged - over years of hard work. The project grew Cybertech's organization and technical skillsets and clearly demonstrated the value of being embedded on a client site. Read More

Changing Laws

Legalizing Marijuana and Workplace Safety

By Heather Hettiarachchi
Recreational use of marijuana becomes legal on October 17. This has potentially serious implications for workplace health and safety. In this article, contributor Heather Hettiarachchi reviews a recent human rights decision considering whether who dismissed a worker for using medical marijuana on the job was discriminating on the basis of disability. Heather concludes her article with useful takeaways for employers. In a recent decision, Aitchison v L&L Painting and Decorating Ltd., 2018 HRTO 238, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal upheld the termination of an employee who was using marijuana at work, ostensibly for medical purposes. Read More

Product News

Festo Packaging Two Key Systems so Machine Designers can Shrink Project Footprints

Festo is addressing the desire of machine designers for more compact control cabinet solutions to house key electrical and pneumatic control and monitoring systems in order to minimize project footprints. Festo's compact VTUG plug-in valve terminal and CPX-E master/modular control system now can be ordered as a package. They fit comfortably together inside a very small cabinet ­- an intelligent use of space that's more economical than comparable control cabinet solutions. Festo also has made a number of enhancements to the VTUG plug-in, making it even more suitable for control panel installations used in the Process or Food and Packaging industries. Read More

Emerson Introduces New Motor Starter With Component-Level Protection

Emerson has introduced a cost-effective, easy-to-install and simple-to-operate alternative to traditional cast and bolted motor starters in the form of its new Appleton PlexPower solution. Designed for hazardous, wet or corrosive locations such as oil refineries and chemical plants, the Appleton PlexPower motor starter provides electrical apparatus protection combined with the convenience and savings of off-the-shelf components. Appleton PlexPower motor starters deliver savings up to 73% compared to the total cost of ownership of traditional cast and bolted motor starters. Read More

Tool-free Safety Limit Switches from Wieland

The new sensor PRO safety limit switches (series SLS) from Wieland provide safe position monitoring in almost any industrial application. With a metal actuator that can be turned and swapped without tools, sensorPRO SLS switches are a highly reliable position monitoring solution rated to IP66/ 67. Series SLS switches are suitable for use in conveyor object detection, end-position control, door position detection, and many other safety applications. Actuation of the switch contacts is monitored by Wieland's safety relays, samos®PRO COMPACT safety controller, or similar devices and will shut down the machine immediately, addressing any safety hazard. Read More

Reliable Controls Releases RC-Studio 3.6

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-Studio 3.6, which introduces a number of new features in order to improve productivity. RC-Studio allows users to fully program MACH-Series controllers and create dynamic graphical interfaces to third party BACnet devices. RC-Studio meets or exceeds the BACnet Advanced Workstation (B-AWS) profile and is the ultimate all-in-one engineering tool for the MACH-System. Read More

Phoenix Contact: TRIO DC UPS with Integrated Power Supply

Supply DC loads reliably and save space with the new uninterruptible TRIO power supplies. An input grid is no longer necessary for startup. Connected industrial PCs can be shutdown easily via the integrated USB interface. Read More

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