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Message From The Editor

As I sat writing this week's Editor message I received an email that made me stop and rewrite. I learned that Mr. Kevin Mc Kenna, the General Manager of Phoenix Contact Canada will be leaving his position after over 20 years in the role. I was personally lucky enough to attend Hannover Messe 2017 with Mr. Mc Kenna and was truly inspired by his knowledge and devotion to not only his company but the industry as a whole. I extend my best wishes to Mr. Mc Kenna and his family as they move onto the next stage of their life.

And congratulations to Brian Gamble on his completion of Moxa's Technical Support Certification, allowing him to bring advanced technical product support to Moxa’s customers. And be sure to read the first in a series of Whitepapers being presented by Moxa. As well as an informative article by Omron Automation on Traceability in Manufacturing.

And finally, Panel Builder & Systems Integrator has launched a new videos section, featuring informative and insightful videos from around the industry. Our first video features a joint project undertaken by Rittal, Eplan and 3 Phase Power Systems on the Annacis Island Waster Water Treatment Facility. And check out Rockwell Automation's Cyber Security video.

Owen Hurst
Managing Editor


Technical Support Certification

Manufacturers Automation Inc. Achieves 2018 Moxa Technical Support Certification

Brent Raynor, Sales Manager at Manufacturers Automation Inc., is pleased to announce that team member Brian Gamble has achieved the 2018 Moxa Technical Support Certification in the following Moxa product groups:Network Infrastructure, Edge Connectivity and Systems. "Brian's Moxa Technical Support Certification is a significant accomplishment for our company," says Brent Raynor."We can now offer our customers an even higher level of technical product support.The certification also helps establish Manufacturers Automation Inc. as a trusted source of information for the wide variety of Moxa products we distribute." Read More

Changes at the Top

Phoenix Contact Ltd. announces the departure of its long standing General Manager, Mr. Kevin Mc Kenna.

Kevin, a native of Dublin, Ireland joined Phoenix Contact immediately after immigrating to Canada in 1987. He was appointed to the position of General Manager in 1996 and continued in that role until 2005 whereby he accepted the role of General Manager for Phoenix Contact UK for a 3-year period. Read More

Navigator Study

MOXA Whitepaper Series

Getting IT Engineers Up To Speed in the OT World

With factories around the world jumping onto the IT bandwagon, IT engineers are on the lookout for products and solutions that allow them to easily connect their factory's OT systems to IT networks. Although IT engineers are generally well versed in the various IT protocols used to transmit data across a network, they are less familiar the many OT protocols used in their factories. Read More

Traceability in Manufacturing

Omron - MVRC: Mark, Verify, Read and Communicate

Traceability can seem staggeringly complex. Barcode reading stations need to be integrated into complex systems to enable the collection, storage and analysis of massive amounts of valuable tracking data on a daily basis. Unthinkable quantities of work-in-progress (WIP) parts need to bear markings that will withstand the tests of time and tough environments. Read More


Changing Scene

Rittal's Automation Handbook Now Available
Fully Automating Enclosure Manufacturing! Deliver a Better ROI, Improve your Bottom Line. Rittal Automation Systems offers comprehensive solutions for panel building and switchgear engineering. Alongside efficiency gains from using assembly-friendly enclosure systems, accessories and intelligent software solutions, there is a growing focus on the automation of manual tasks. Improving delivery time and reducing labour costs are the beginning of your increased ROI with Rittal. With automated CNC reliability directly from CAD or DXF drawings, every hole and cutout is precisely placed, with no manual steps in between. Automated machining allows parts to be drilled, tapped and milled on a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, fiberglass. Enclosures and component parts, like mounting plates, doors or gland plates can be machined with confidence. You'll find more information in the Rittal Automation Systems Handbook. Download it today

  • Eaton Announces Product Line Manager - Rahul Duggal
    Eaton is pleased to announce the appointment of Rahul Duggal to the position of Product Line Manager for Low Voltage Distribution Assembly (LVDA). Rahul will be located at Eaton's world-class manufacturing facility in Milton, Ontario. In his new role, Rahul is responsible for all marketing functions, including: product development and new product introductions to meet the demands of Canadian customers.His portfolio includes Panelboards, Switchboards and Automatic Transfer Switches...

  • Introduction of Tri-Mach Group Western Division
    Tri-Mach Group is pleased to announce the opening of their new Western Division, based out of the Winnipeg area. This expansion into Western Canada will be led by Sales & Operations Manager, Warren Nordquist, who comes to Tri-Mach Group with over 25 years' experience in the food and agriculture industries…

  • Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer, Lucon, Recipient of Platinum Awards for Green Building
    Reliable Controls is pleased to announce that Authorized Dealer, Lucon Automation Co Ltd., is the winner of a platinum award from the 2018 Asia Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance (APIGBA) in the category of Excellent Intelligent Green Building Systems. The awards are classified into four types: "Design", "Performance", "Renovation", and "System". Lucon's project, Power SCADA and Integrated Building Automation System was recognized in the "System" category...

  • Robotics and Automation Enthusiast Receives EFC 2018 Scholarship from Convectair
    Convectair has awarded a $3,500 scholarship to Charles Sirois, a second-year undergraduate student in electrical engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. With a curious and entrepreneurial nature, Charles is interested in the field of robotics for its potential contribution to society...

  • Linamar Scholarships for Women in Engineering at University of Western Announced
    Women seeking to combine engineering and business degrees will receive a major boost at Western, thanks to a $5-million gift from Linamar Corporation and the families that grew it from a one-lathe machine shop into a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise. Linamar, its CEO Linda Hasenfratz and her husband Ed Newton, and Linamar founder Frank Hasenfratz have invested $5 million to create the Linamar Scholarships for Women in Engineering and Business...

  • HPS Will Be Exhibiting at Automation Fair 2018
    Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) will be exhibiting for the eighth consecutive year at the Automation Fair event presented by Rockwell Automation. This year's event is being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on November 14 and 15 in Philadelphia. The Automation Fair event provides attendees and exhibitors alike with an opportunity to discover advanced manufacturing solutions while gaining expertise in sustainable automation and power control systems...

International News

Risk Reduction

Rockwell Automation: Reduce Risk in Your E-house Design

By Bruce Hall, Senior Electrical Solutions Engineer, Rockwell Automation
Adding more intelligence to e-houses - while managing multiple vendors and meeting tighter project deadlines - is not easy. But it's a challenge that you and many other EPCs must meet today. That's why more EPCs are turning to an intelligent packaged power system, which consolidates electrical and process control systems into one solution. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Susan Uthayakumar, President of Schneider Electric Canada: Driving Success

By Owen Hurst
First and foremost, I must note that sitting down with Susan Uthayakumar feels more like sitting down and conversing with a friend than conducting an interview with the company President of one of the largest electrical manufacturers in the world. Of course, she exudes the confidence and knowledge her position demands, but equally identifiable is an open and caring nature. Read More

Industry Input Poll

Do You Attend Trade Shows?

Poll results in the next issue along with a new question

For members of the Automation and COntrol Industry it can be daunting to consider the large number of relevant trade shows and conferences held around the world. You can attend large international fairs like Hannover Messe, SPS IPC Drives or IMTS, or focus on North American geared shows like Rockwell Automation's Automation Fair, or smaller localized trade shows in your area. But what really influences you to attend shows and what value they have to you is something w want to know. There we ask what influences you to attend trade shows?

1) New Product Awareness
2) Exploring Partnership Avenues
3) Competitor Montioring
4) Stay on Top of Industry Trends
5) Attend Learning Sessions

Joint Solution

Rittal & EPLAN Pump out a Powerful Solution for Metro Vancouver

After almost 20 years in operation, the variable frequency drives supporting the critical pumping systems for the primary treatment and secondary treatment facilities had to be replaced to ensure that the plant's high operational availability and reliability will not be compromised in serving the plant, the surrounding municipalities and the environment. Read More

Cyber Security

Rockwell Automation Industrial Cyber Security: A Proactive Approach Video

The Industrial Internet of Things is driving a level of increased connectivity that helps companies to improve their overall performance, but also comes with the potential for enterprise risk. With the potential for huge losses at stake, applying cyber security to industrial control systems means taking a holistic and proactive approach to managing that risk and protecting operations and intellectual property. Read More

Product News

Rittal Automation Systems Presents New Advancements

Despite automated solutions, switchgear manufacturing still involves a great deal of manual work when it comes to wire processing, cutting and machining busbars, support rails and cable ducts. In order to automate or part-automate this work, Rittal Automation Systems is now offering new and improved machines and tools. Read More

POSITAL Upgrades its Family of Analog Programmable Rotary Encoders

Encoder specialist POSITAL has announced a new generation of analog rotary encoders for position control. Compared to the company's earlier analog encoders, these new models feature improved accuracy, faster dynamic response and new programming options. Read More

New FDA-compliant Festo PTFEN tubing tackles roughest jobs in food and other processing applications

Festo's newest line of FDA-compliant pneumatic tubing - PTFEN - delivers excellent high pressure, heat, corrosion and hydrolysis resistance required for harsh operating environments in many process industries. Read More

Sealcon: M23 PoE Circular Connectors Deliver Fast Ethernet With Signal or Power

In dynamic applications, you want components that are both durable and don't take up a lot of space.This is especially true for industries such as robotics, railways, and automation.For these applications we recommend using our PoE M23 circular connectors. Read More

Emerson's New Compact, Hygienic Transmitters Meet Food and Beverage Industry Challenges

Emerson has unveiled a new line of transmitters designed specifically for hygienic applications in the food and beverage industry with a compact form factor that will enable manufacturers to minimize downtime and lower production costs. Read More

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