Isle of Man
High Praise on the High Seas
A phrase by Nietzche reminds us that the goal of life is to become who you really are. It was my turn to experience the opposite of what is routine. EXPLORE MORE
Hells Canyon, Idaho
Idaho is a Haven for Outdoor Living
I stood on the edge of Hell's Canyon, and even though that sounds like the beginning of a murder mystery, it is one of the major tourist pulls in Idaho. EXPLORE MORE
Ex-Officio Boxer Briefs and Hipkini Underwear
I grew up clothed in wool and cotton, and came rather late to the layering concept for active wear. Cotton underwear has been a staple on these trips. EXPLORE MORE
Lectro Fan
Soothing Sound. No Noise.
Promising "a better night's sleep and sound masking through science", the Lectro Fan micro is tiny enough to toss in your case if you are predicting a noisy location. EXPLORE MORE
Ear Planes
Pain-free Flying with Ear Planes
I used to dread flying. Not because I was afraid to fly, but because my ears would instantly plug up after taking off giving me a major headache. EXPLORE MORE
Six Hacks for Healthy Travelling
No one wants to feel tired, lethargic or sick while on vacation, yet so much of our behaviour while travelling is counterproductive to how we want to feel. EXPLORE MORE
Port Ferdinand Harbour
Port Ferdinand Marina Resort, Barbados
Nothing says Waypoints Global more than Port Ferdinand Luxury Resort located on the northwest Platinum coast of Barbados. EXPLORE MORE
Cihabo Cigars
If You Go to Cuba, Come Home with a Cohiba or 50
Our afternoon walk continued through Old Havana with wafts of Cohiba cigars following us everywhere, so it seemed natural when our guide took us to a cigar specialty store. EXPLORE MORE
Roaming Like Home
Yes, I admit, I made the cardinal mistake of leaving my cellular data roaming while flying across the continent recently. It's easy to do when you're focused on other things. EXPLORE MORE
The Benefits of Travelling Off-Season
Most of us look for the value in any purchase, so if you're looking to stretch your travel dollar, think of the benefits of travelling off season. EXPLORE MORE
Le Boat
Ontario Travel
Hibiscus International
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