Nelsson's Boatyard in Antigua
Antigua - The Hub of Caribbean Charters
Antigua also offers one of the best kick-off points for exploring so many other Caribbean islands…if you have the time and the winds are prevailing in the right direction. EXPLORE MORE
St. Peter's Yacht Club
Cape Breton - My Personal Playground
A year ago, I could not have pointed out Cape Breton Island on a map. Now, its shape, topography and waypoint remain indelibly emblazoned on my heart. EXPLORE MORE
Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses
Once a Classic, Always a Classic
Wearing polarized lens while travelling on water reduces glare as the sun reflects off the surface of the water and allow you to see objects more clearly. EXPLORE MORE
Grayl Bottle Water
The Holy Grayl of Water Bottles
For global travel and outdoor adventure and even in emergencies, this is the only water bottle for travel that boasts its own filter with one press purification and filtration. EXPLORE MORE
Spark Camera Mini-drone
DJI's Spark Mini-Drone - The Camera with Wings
With Spark, you can capture photos and videos from almost any angle. It's easy to control with simple hand gestures. Use the app for more impressive angles or to follow a specific moving object. EXPLORE MORE
Magellan's Digital Luggage Scale
Magellan's Digital Luggage Scale
Airlines are clamping down on sizes and weights of the luggage you travel with. A digital luggage scale should now be part of every traveller's bag of tricks. EXPLORE MORE
Grenada Nutmeg
Grenada Nutmeg
Grenada is a place for foodies. There are many types of scrumptious fresh fish, locally grown vegetables and herbs, but it's the spices that set Grenada apart. EXPLORE MORE
Bonavita Kettle
Have Tea, Will Travel
It's essential for my sanity to start every day with a cup of tea. This tiny portable kettle sets me up for the day, any day, no matter where I am. EXPLORE MORE
Making the Most of Your Travel Budget
Here are my favourite hacks to help save you money while travelling. Figure out what is important to you and where you are willing to compromise. EXPLORE MORE
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance
Understanding travel insurance is difficult and interpretation and ambiguity are always present in these lengthy legally binding policies. EXPLORE MORE
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