MARCH 2018
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Cruising Through History - Exploring the Belgium Canal System
"Who wants to go first?" I do, so up I step up to the controls of our 34 ft. Le Boat cabin cruiser - our new home for the next week. EXPLORE MORE
Nevis - The Land of Stillness
We are taking off from Antigua and are tightly belted into our twin-engine, seven-seater Britten-Norman Islander - operated by Fly Monserrat and captained by John, formerly pilot to the Toronto Blue Jays. EXPLORE MORE
The KÜHL Hykr™ Pant
The first time I wore these pants, I was doing laps around the top deck of the cruise ship. My daily routine was interrupted by a curious passenger. EXPLORE MORE
Ex Officio Zhanna Reversible Legging
These reversible leggings have become an essential item in my case for so many different types of travel, especially when looking to travel light. EXPLORE MORE
Magellan's Pack 'N Go Toiletry Kit
I must admit to having a variety of toiletry bags for different types of travel, but this hanging toiletry bag with multiple compartments is my 'go to' favourite. EXPLORE MORE
Mocreo: The Skinny on Travel Adapters
My Mocreo universal travel adapter was a daily essential on a recent trip through the Northwest Passage, whether it was charging my camera, my laptop or, most importantly, my travel kettle. EXPLORE MORE
Enduring Long Haul Flights
Enduring Long Haul Flights
Ask any flight attendant and they'll tell you the best way to endure long flights is to go First Class and enjoy the luxury of your own pod. EXPLORE MORE
Travel Safe
Travel Safely. Be Smart. Have Fun.
How can someone sum up in a short column all the things they need to know to stay safe travelling in this unpredictable world? EXPLORE MORE
Know Before You Go
What Else to Know Before You Go
The initial planning for a trip is fun…for most people. You've got your itinerary, passport, tickets, checked the weather, have your guide maps and a packing plan. EXPLORE MORE
Travelling Solo
Travelling Solo … But Not Alone
I have stayed great friends with someone I met on my first solo trip over 45 years ago. We still laugh at the shenanigans we got up to back then. EXPLORE MORE
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