MAY 2018
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Barcelona's Waterfront
You've strolled down La Rambla to where it meets the Mediterranean, after a side trip into the Gothic Neighbourhood, through narrow serpentine alleys graced by churches ten centuries old, past mansions once populated by Renaissance merchants. EXPLORE MORE
The Last Invasion of Granada
We're riding a local bus from Managua, Nicaragua to a colonial city called Granada. We pass horse-drawn carts, a forested mountain whose slopes hide a volcano. EXPLORE MORE
Helly Hansen
My Helly Hansen Long Belfast Jacket Follows Me Everywhere
I love coats, especially the ones that combine function and fashion together. One of my favourite longer-cut rain coats is the Helly Hansen Belfast. EXPLORE MORE
Safe and Secure with the Magellan Door Lock
I often stay in hotel rooms on my own and feeling safe and secure = a good night's sleep. EXPLORE MORE
Now it's Easy to Carry on Liquids with GoToob
I am a big advocate of taking carry-on luggage only, however, it does get tricky when it comes to liquids. EXPLORE MORE
Artisans du sable
My Inside Sandbox Game
Little did I know that when my travelling companion begged me to take something home for her because she couldn't fit it into her own luggage, I discovered that it was a gift for me. EXPLORE MORE
All Shore Excursions are NOT Alike
When I'm not booking cruises and shore excursions for my clients, I'm actually designing shore excursions for some of the top luxury cruise companies. EXPLORE MORE
Seven Tips to Planning a Great Staycation
Many of us choose at one time or another to stay home and take our "hard earned vacation" closer to home. EXPLORE MORE
Prevent Lost Luggage when Travelling
This brilliant little device is a genius way to keep track of your luggage before it leaves on the next flight without you. EXPLORE MORE
XE Currency
Need a currency converter while travelling?
XE currency is one of the more robust currency converters available. The app allows you to keep track of live rates of every currency, even offline. EXPLORE MORE
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