JUNE 2018
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Lake Powell
Be the Captain of your Own Houseboat in Arizona
Sapphire blue water contrast with towering red sandstone cliffs, a postcard worthy shot that can only be seen in Northern Arizona. EXPLORE MORE
Oak Bay
A Real Treat From Spa to Ice Cream
There is something very, very special about the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Although I was actually crashing the party (not really), I felt immediately comfortable and at ease in my new surroundings in the lobby boasting a grand piano... EXPLORE MORE
Pocket Cap
Captivating Pocket Cap
This hat is a new favourite. Purchased at my local MEC store, I bought this hat on impulse as I needed a smaller hat for an upcoming trip to Arizona. I am a hat person and primarily wear a large brimmed Tilley hat, however, for some activities, you need to go small for a different function. EXPLORE MORE
She Wee
Yes, You Too Ladies Can Go on the Go
I golf and sail around the world and have found myself in some pretty awkward situations where proper facilities cannot be found, are non-hygienic or very awkward or unsafe to use. EXPLORE MORE
Go Pro
Travelling Hero: GoPro
While GoPro has faced some criticism over their drone, the Karma, which wasn't as well-received as projected, they remain a dominant force in action cameras. One of their most recent wins is the 2018 GoPro Hero. EXPLORE MORE
Pack like a Pro with PackPoint
Most travelers complain about congested airports and delayed flights, but my biggest travel frustration is packing. I have the tendency to overpack with unnecessary items and forget the important things. EXPLORE MORE
Jet Lag
How to Deal with Jet Lag
I find that even dealing with the time difference of three hours upsets my natural rhythms for days. Jet lag is real and occurs any time you travel quickly across two or more time zones. The more time zones you cross, the more likely you are to be sleepy and sluggish. EXPLORE MORE
Arizona Turquoise
Arizona Turquoise - Don't Come Home Without Some
When you are in Arizona, turquoise jewellery is irresistible. Turquoise was designated the official state gem of Arizona in 1974, and the quality of it is world-famous. EXPLORE MORE
An Ounce of Prevention…
Definitely applies to planning for out-of-country medical care and may, in fact, save your life! The first step is to assess your medical risk looking at the following factors. EXPLORE MORE
The Latest on NEXUS - Be Approved in 20 Business Days
I have had my NEXUS card for more than five years now, and I would never travel without it. A $50 fee is more than worth the designated entry, shorter waits, simplified security checks and peace of mind. EXPLORE MORE
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