August 2018
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Saglek Fjord
Labrador's Torngat Mountains National Park
The ship's intercom crackled to life. "Good morning! It's 6:06 am," announced our expedition leader apologetically, "it's early but off the port side we've spotted our first polar bear!" EXPLORE MORE
Lug pouch
These Lug Pouches are Clear
These colourful transparent pouches are sturdy, durable and organize smaller travel items like no other pouch I have found. Travelers can use them for corralling just about anything including first aid items, pencils and pens, hair accessories... EXPLORE MORE
MEC Long Sleeve
Carve Designs Lake Long Sleeved Sun Shirt
While touring on zodiacs and sailing recently, I noticed other people were wearing long sleeved protection against the sun. After having repeated burn spots on the back of my arms from overexposure, I started looking at different options that weren't heavy or restrictive. EXPLORE MORE
Prepare for Landing - An Airport Restaurant Review
Best airport restaurants used to be something of an oxymoron but with health and wellness at the front and center of most minds, airports and airlines are stepping up to the plate , literally. It is getting more common to be able to pick up fresh fruit... EXPLORE MORE
Barrow House
Barrow House
This luxury country house on the Wild Atlantic Way on the West coast of Ireland captured my heart as soon as I landed on the website. I needed to book one night as we drove a segment of the Way along the rugged coast.Knowing we would be traveling for 7 or 8 hours a day, we wanted luxury... EXPLORE MORE
The Next Frontier
The Next Frontier
Since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by the sea. "What lays beyond" has driven mankind to explore new horizons - literally and figuratively. With 71% of the earth's surface covered by water is it any wonder humans are passionate about sailing. EXPLORE MORE
An Ounce of Prevention
An Ounce of Prevention
Definitely applies to planning for out-of-country medical care and may, in fact, save your life! The first step is to assess your medical risk looking at the following factors: destination; purpose of travel; style of travel; visiting urban or rural areas; underlying medical problems; age; and time... EXPLORE MORE
Swim Guide
Where is the Beach?
With over 30 days of summer left to make more summer memories, spending as much time as possible at a good beach is a great time to spend those last precious days. Recently I was at different beaches three days in a row, but I really wish I had used the Swim Guide app before... EXPLORE MORE
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