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The Yukon River: Still Wild After All These Years
When the word "Gold!" rang out from the Klondike in 1898, one of the main ways for prospectors to get there was by river - specifically, the Yukon River. EXPLORE MORE
The Old Forge
The Old Forge - Where Adventurers and Locals Alike Gather
When creating an itinerary for our 8-day cruise up the coast of Scotland, The Old Forge Pub and Seafood Restaurant in Inverie Knoydart was #1 on the top ten places to stop en route. EXPLORE MORE
A Savvy Investment in Bootwear
I received my Dubarry's as apresent, so I personally did not make the investment…but having recently tested them in very wet conditions on the Sea of the Hebrides, I definitely would. EXPLORE MORE
Eddie Bauer
Puff…the Magic Jacket
I was recently travelling where weather is unpredictable from hour to hour. I knew that what I brought with me would impact my daily routine, if not carefully thought through. EXPLORE MORE
Nomad's Battery Cable for iPhones
Nomad's battery cable is a five-foot long charging cord woven from super-durable ballistic nylon with a built-in battery that's got enough power to fully recharge a totally dead phone. EXPLORE MORE
Navigating Airports
There are so many travel apps to choose from and no one wants to clog up their smartphone or tablet with too many icons of unused apps. EXPLORE MORE
Ultimate Eras Boom 2
Music on the Go…Rain or Shine
Nothing sets the tone for an evening like great music. When back on deck, great tunes from the 60s were bursting out of this small, colourful cyclinder - the UE BOOM 2 speaker. EXPLORE MORE
Michaud Toys
Board Games on the Go!
Many years ago, I attended the Cranberry Festival in Bala; I had been on the hunt for a beautiful cribbage board. Touchdown! But the joy of discovery did not end there. EXPLORE MORE
The Dram Dunk Option
In 2014, a group of friends chartered a sailboat to scope the west coast of Scotland with various distillery stops along the way. Apparently, a very special bottle of scotch would make its way home to me. EXPLORE MORE
How to Breeze Through Security
Security is always changing, so read details online about the particular airport you are flying into or out of to insure you know what to expect. EXPLORE MORE
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