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Grand River, Ontario
Tour the Grand River in Grand Style
The Grand River watershed includes all the land drained by the Grand River and its tributaries. At 6,800 square kilometres (2,800 square miles), it's the largest watershed in southern Ontario. EXPLORE MORE
Dominican Repulblic
Book Your Day Pass at Casa de Campo
Despite the ongoing lure of the blue Caribbean seas, a pass at La Marina at the Casa de Campo resort is worth squeezing into your itinerary. You're already in the Caribbean. EXPLORE MORE
Luggage Tags That Earn Their Way
We all have luggage tags that include the necessary contact information. Mine also has a Canadian flag on it. EXPLORE MORE
Time at a Glance - Wherever You Are - Wherever You're Going
If you're traveling through multiple time zones in short periods of time, it can be tricky to keep track of the time; my iPhone couldn't even keep up. EXPLORE MORE
Kindle Paperwhite - The Best in E-readers Today
I used to travel with one novel, worried that I'd finish it and have nothing else to read; like many of my generation, I was reluctant to join the e-reader bandwagon. EXPLORE MORE
Paravel Fold-up Tote Bag - An Oprah Favourite
I buy too many items when I travel and panic because I don't have the luggage space. This Paravel tote bag is feather-light, folds up and zips into a compact pouch. EXPLORE MORE
Huggable Hangears
Never Enough Hangers
You already know that I'm a neat freakā€¦so it won't surprise you to learn that I often travel with hangers. In a recent podcast, I learned about the Huggable Hanger. EXPLORE MORE
Bota Bota
Bota Bota - A Floating Spa
The very name itself conjures up images of water - and that's exactly where this unique floating spa in Montreal is boasting a stunning view of Old Montreal and the river. EXPLORE MORE
Packing with Purpose
Permission to Carry More Luggage - Pack for a Purpose
Air lines now offer grants for excess baggage. The application process is for humanitarian purposes, including the transportation of rescue animals. EXPLORE MORE
Pied Pipers
Pied Pipers Travel for Free
Have you ever seen a tour that you'd love to do but realized your champagne tastes weren't in line with your beer budget? Don't despair, there's another way to travel. EXPLORE MORE
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