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UnCruise through the Hawaiian Islands with Marine Life
Our Zodiac skimmed through the quiet early morning waters of the Pacific, all eyes scanning for any signs of whale activity. An excited hush fell on all eleven passengers. EXPLORE MORE
An Epic Journey Through the Northwest Passage
Setting out on the same route Franklin took in 1845 intimidated me. After all, he didn't make it home. Once aboard Adventure Canada's Ocean Endeavor, I was surrounded by 110 like-minded adventurers. EXPLORE MORE
Kuhl's Cool Skort
The Kühl Durango™ Skort is so versatile, I could wear it every day when travelling, or simply hanging out, going to the market, hiking or biking. EXPLORE MORE
Cobra's Snorkel Mask
The biggest advantage of snorkeling is that it suits everyone, regardless of age, experience or ability. Snorkeling is like strapping on magical glasses and seeing the most amazing 3D movies. EXPLORE MORE
Fashion and Function…Even When It's Cold Outside
Being active and adventurous in the winter without the fear of wiping out is a goal most Canadians have. Olang winter boots have changed all that. EXPLORE MORE
Packing Made Perfect
No matter how much planning I put into packing, I usually take too many clothes, I always forget something crucial and I seldom leave room for purchases on my travels. EXPLORE MORE
Ocean Club Resort
Ocean Club Resort Offers Up the Surreal
Arrival at Ocean Club exceeds all expectations. Pink and white buildings surround aqua pools with a backdrop of hibiscus bushes. Matching umbrellas dotted throughout paint a clean and crisp Caribbean scene. EXPLORE MORE
The Edge by Celebrity Cruises
Living on The Edge with Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Cruises now has its own terminal designed exclusively for its seamless embarkation/disembarkation. The Edge is a game changer and just won "Best New Ship" award within the tourism industry. EXPLORE MORE
T&C Souvenir
From Beach to Jewellery Box
We don't all make time to shop when travelling but looking for gifts or picking up a memento for yourself is a real treat and jewellery doesn't take up much space. EXPLORE MORE
How To
Travelling Back in Time
Perhaps it's the time of year or my stage in life, but I was reminiscing about all the wonderful places I've been. I've returned more than once to those places. EXPLORE MORE
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