JUNE 2019
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Patagonia Sweater
The Better the Sweater, the Better the Trip
When a garment has a boastful name such as "Better Sweater®", you better hope that it can hold its weight. Luckily, this Patagonia product lives up to the name and more. EXPLORE MORE
Salomon Quest Prime Hiking Boot
Salomon Quest Prime GTX Hiking Boot
No matter the waypoint, footwear is extremely important, especially in wet conditions. When I set to find the perfect hiking boot, my only criteria is that they have to be Gor e-Tex. EXPLORE MORE
Exofficio Reversible leggings
Ex Officio Zhanna Reversible Legging
These reversible leggings have become an essential item in my case for so many different types of travel, especially when looking to travel light. EXPLORE MORE
Eddie Bauer Eastside Coat
Take on the Cold, the Wet and the Wind
Everyone knows how much I loved travelling with my Eddie Bauer Ignitelite Reversible Jacket while cruising up the coast of Scotland. What started out as a search for the sleeveless version, ended in me purchasing my first ever friend-approved winter coat. EXPLORE MORE
Chasing Threads Passport cover
Unique Passport Cover Showcases your Waypoints
I just love flipping through my passport to remind me of all the adventures I've had…so far. I've often thought of mounting a map on the wall and finding the perfect pushpins to mark my travels. Blue for been there done that; Green for not yet must go. EXPLORE MORE
Kuhl Skort
Kuhl's Cool Skort
The Kühl Durango™ Skort is so versatile, I could wear it every day when travelling, or simply hanging out, going to the market, hiking or biking. The skort features a water-resistant fabric with a slight stretch making it comfortable for long active days. EXPLORE MORE
Lug Pouch
These Lug Pouches are Clear
These colorful transparent pouches are sturdy, durable and organize smaller travel items like no other pouch I have found. Travelers can use them for corralling just about anything including first aid items, pencils and pens, hair accessories. EXPLORE MORE
Genius Pack Flight bag
High Score for Genius Pack's High Altitude Flight Bag
It is a nuisance to reach up into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you every time you want something from your bag. I always envy other passengers who travel lightly and seem to have everything at hand easily. EXPLORE MORE
VSSL Gear first aid kit
First for VSSL Gear's First Aid Kit
When you travel with a first aid kit, you quickly learn how often you need a bandage, something for stomach upset, or a small flashlight. I never travel without a first aid kit, often relying on the a homemade kit, often forgetting to replenish everything I used up on the last trip. EXPLORE MORE
QUIP Toothbrush
Brushing on the Go
When packing for my next adventure, I always struggle with the extra space (albeit minimal) of my electric toothbrush, a longtime part of my daily routine. I was delighted to receive a very useful gift in my recent Christmas stocking, that met all Christmas stocking criteria in my family, including function. EXPLORE MORE
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