JULY 2019
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Bose headphones
Bose Brings Noise Cancelling Headphones to the Next Level of Quiet
Noise-cancelling headphones reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control, which differs from passive headphones. When I travel for work, I use flights as a way to relax and catch up on my reading or sleep. EXPLORE MORE
Gorilla Tripod
Not Just Your Regular Tripod
One of the reasons I love going on a trip is that I allow myself one new toy to take. On my latest trip to the Sea of Cortez, my pick was the Joby GorillaPod 1K; I certainly had fun coming up with ways to use it. EXPLORE MORE
DJI Spark Mini Drone
DJI's Spark Mini-Drone - The Camera with Wings
With Spark, you can capture photos and videos from almost any angle. It's easy to control with simple hand gestures. Use the app for more impressive angles or to follow a specific moving object. EXPLORE MORE
Gear mat by Cocoon Innovations
The Go-to Gear Mat By Cocoon Innovations
Stream line your technology for travel. We all do it…glance at a cable, one end, the other end, and cram it into the tablet, the laptop or the smartphone, hoping it's the right one. EXPLORE MORE
Swiss Amry Pocket knife
Pocket This!
I was first introduced to pocket knives when I was learning how to sail. To past time after lunch and before heading back out, we played Mumbley Pig. I loved it! Fast forward 20 years: I was presented with my first Victorinox jackknife as a cottage-warming present. EXPLORE MORE
NN Ultimate Ears
Music on the Go…Rain or Shine
We had just landed safely in Tobermory (Scotland) after a somewhat dark and stormy day…wind, waves and rain…all part of our malt tour adventure. Nothing sets the tone for an evening like great music (and perhaps a dram of scotch). EXPLORE MORE
Mocreo Adapter
Mocreo: The Skinny on Travel Adapters
My Mocreo universal travel adapter travel adapter was a daily essential on a recent trip through the Northwest Passage. My camera needed a charge every night to be ready for the hundreds of photos I was taking... EXPLORE MORE
Digital luggage scale
Magellan's Digital Luggage Scale
A digital luggage scale should be part of every traveller's bag of tricks. Airlines are clamping down on sizes and weights of every piece of luggage you take with you. Recently, I was visiting relatives in Mexico and taking a few presents with me. EXPLORE MORE
Cityplanner app
Getting Around Unknown Cities
Using public transportation opens up the real personality of the place you're visiting, and Citymapper is the premiere app to help you navigate that sometimes overwhelming world. EXPLORE MORE
Mango App
Mango - Your Portable Language Professor
Not all trips are about disconnecting. Adventurers and every day travellers depend on smartphones to find the closest or best restaurant, bathroom, gas station, or shop. But you don't need to load your phone with lots of gimmicky apps. EXPLORE MORE
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