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Silent Lake, Ontario
The Sounds of Silent Lake
Listen to the whisper of your canoe as you drag it over the sand of this little beach toward waters clear and cold; listen to the splash when the canoe slides into the lake; listen to the muffled thunk the canoe makes when it nudges the dock. EXPLORE MORE
Three Brothers Wineries
A Winery Offering Audacity and Ferociousness
Part of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, Three Brothers Wineries and Estates is home to three wineries, a microbrewery and a café. Owner Dave Mansfield started the vineyard eleven years ago and spent the next few years building it up to 40 acres. EXPLORE MORE
Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer's Fashion Classic Blazer
Sometimes, when travelling, you just might find yourself invited somewhere where you are wanting to look at bit more put together. I originally packed this to be an outer layer. EXPLORE MORE
One Fashion Piece - Eight Great Styles
Full confession…I haven't actually travelled with an Encircled Cardi yet, but I was introduced to this Canadian-made line through a close friend whose fashion savvy I truly admire. EXPLORE MORE
Text While you Trek with Unigear Waterproof Gloves
Any pair of gloves that has this poem on the tag attached wins my heart immediately - even before I try them on. EXPLORE MORE
Palm Cay
Palm Cay & One Marina in Nassau, The Bahamas
Having just arrived back from Palm Cay & One Marina, I couldn't wait to share this beautiful piece of paradise found on the quiet east end of New Providence in The Bahamas. EXPLORE MORE
Finger Lakes Honey
How Sweet it Is - Finger Lakes Flight of Honey
Honey is a hot topic right now, primarily for health reasons. A natural sweetener, it can also be used to heal wounds, help sore throats and colds and help the planet. EXPLORE MORE
There's Nothing Gutsy About Gutsy - Just Common Sense
Food is in integral part of travel. If fact, it can make quite an impression on your thoughts about a destination. So, it's really important to take care of your digestion. EXPLORE MORE
It's All in the Fine Print
We're all guilty of it…clicking the "I have read the Terms & Conditions" box without going further to read through the pages and pages of legal babble. EXPLORE MORE
NEXUS Announces New Facial Verification Technology
The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will be modernizing the way NEXUS members are processed at Canadian airports. The existing kiosks will be replaced with modernized NEXUS kiosks that use facial verification technology. EXPLORE MORE
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